Kim van Vuuren Photography

I was given my first camera at 12, a 1962 Zeiss Ikon manual camera. Since then I’ve been hooked. The technical side, the adventure of capturing images, the light, oh the beautiful light! I’m hooked on it all.

I’d been taking photos long before I studied at the Bellville Academy of Art Night School back in the lat 1990’s, I learned how to work in the dark room and develop my own prints, it was wonderful to be able to learn from Industry Fashion Photographer Sheean Sealy and start to open my heart to collaboration.

I’ve been photographing professionally on and off since then, and I’ve done weddings, family shoots, babies, industrial and product photography to name a few. But my absolute first love is food and products. Being able to set up and move the subject, finding the perfect natural light to use for that subject is my happy place.

Teaching has become one of my best places to share, encourage and uplift others to be able to enjoy photography instead of finding it a frustration. My aim is to collaborate with other photographers to present courses for people in the solo-entrepreneur and small business niche. To assist you in learning how to take beautiful photos of your products and services to enable you to build your business and boost your sales.

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