Storms River Suspension Bridge Outing

Storms River Suspension Bridge Outing

We took a day visit trip to the Tsitsikamma National Park at Storms River Mouth just before New Years, and it has definitely been a highlight of the holidays for us, if not the year!

Road trip, hiking, beautiful views, family fun it really was great.

The park has a restaurant, situated ON the rocks, two small shops to buy souvenirs and snacks as well as camping, caravan spots and self catering accommodation. All situated along the rocky beach.

There are a couple of options for hikes and walks in the park, there’s a waterfall hike (3-4hours/3km), Loerie Trail (1.5hours/1km), the Blue Duiker Trail (3 hours/3.7km) or the Mouth Trail (1 hour/1km) to the suspension bridges. We always do the Mouth Trail, especially with our little ones cause it’s on wooden walkways the entire way and a little easier to navigate with them.

The trail starts off the little beach down under the parking and you walk past this beautiful little waterfall, a perfect place to stop and apply sunscreen before heading onto the suspension bridges.

The day we walked it was lovely and overcast, with a little breeze blowing to keep us cool, the walk can be very hot and humid while you walk up and alongside the coastal forest. It’s advised to wear closed shoes to protect your feet, also helps your toes not get bitten by snakes (we have seen Natal Green Snakes – harmless).

There are spots to sit and enjoy the view along the walk and rope railings on the steep edges and up the stairways to assist with safety and climbing. The steepest section of stairs is down to the suspension bridges and back up again, around 150 steps, straight up and down.

The bridges are magnificent, feats of engineering and adventurous for little ones as the bridge stretches right over the mouth of the Storms River, deep brown water with a phenomenal view up the gorge and out to sea. It really is a spectacular perspective and the kids loved it.

We had a fabulous visit to the park, even wet our feet on the beach afterwards. Kids enjoyed it, and keep asking to go back again. We will always have the Storms River on our weekend to-do list.

There is plenty to do in the park, including Untouched Adventures Kayak and Lilo adventure trips up the gorge.

SanParks do an amazing job with the maintenance and running of the park, the accommodation is comfortable, the camp grounds are clean and well cared for (there’s even a large swimming pool for the campers). Their beach-side restaurant serves fantastic food with generous portions, and their seafood platter is to die for (we have eaten here on previous visits, but due to the high volumes of visitors in December we opted to picnic this time).

We are planning to come back out of season for a weekend cabin stay.

Things to pack for a day visit to Storms river mouth:

  1. closed shoes
  2. sunscreen
  3. hat
  4. swimming togs and towels
  5. change of clothes (leave this in the car for later)
  6. camera
  7. spirit of adventure

Pricing for entrance:
Prices correct at time of post.
Storms River Suspension Bridge Outing
My collection of SANParks fridge magnets is growing.

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