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Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide.

It’s that time of year, silly season is SUDDENLY upon us and it’s a month of year end functions, graduations and the dreaded teacher gift!

I remember when I was in junior school my mom would just about bust a blood vessel buying ALL OUR TEACHERS a gift, albeit a small one, but when you have 6 subjects and a different teacher for each one, it gets a little out hand. I have memories of wrapping tubes of Christmas themed chocolate balls and soaps, but I also have wonderful memories of handing them out the last day of school and seeing how blessed the teachers where.

It all came to an abrupt end when I started high school, we did a card, and that was that. I’m not sure if it was because my mom just got tired of all the present buying, but I’m pretty sure it was a much more responsible reason than that, finances.

My boys are still in ‘play school’ so it’s almost a given that their teachers (all five of them) will get an appreciation gift, I mean, they look after rug rats of an age that in large groups are terrifying! They deserve an extra thank you, don’t you agree?!

But where do you draw the line? At what point do you say, nope, no more gifts for all and sundry! I’m pretty sure, budget will play a major role, I know it does for us. What with the forthcoming December (Christmas/new year/kids at home/six weeks holiday) and January that brings with it stationery lists that want to swallow you, new uniforms etc, we are going to be having a pretty scant Christmas.

My teacher gifts budget was minimal at R100/person (there are four teachers and one baby helper), so I had to play it smart. I opted for meal vouchers for each person, a slab of chocolate to make it yummy, and wrapped and ready for next week!

Here are some other ideas:

Affordable options;

  1. Potted plant – sustainable and long lasting.
  2. Spa voucher – pamper is always a good idea.
  3. A gift bag/basket with chocolate, magazines and bottle of wine/bubbly.
  4. A beautiful, hand made mug, with some sweet treats.
  5. Meal vouchers with some yummy chocolate.
  6. Home made cookies or rusks packed in a glass jar with artwork from your child.

Splurge options;

  1. Set of Le Creuset coffee mugs. (Currently 4 for 3 at Yuppiechef.)
  2. Curated cheese and wine basket.
  3. Store voucher (Poetry/Zara etc)
  4. A bouquet of fancy flowers.

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