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Craft Hijacking

You know when you plan something remotely “crafty” to do at home, and you think it’ll be something nice to do quietly while the kids play. You know, to get some “mental break time” in?

Yeah, I should have known that it would be hijacked at the first opportunity by my paint hungry children.

Getting my craft on.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy doing arty, crafty type things. It’s like a special tank filler that I absolutely love! I’d spent Saturday morning in the garden and had a bright idea to make name rocks for my veggie garden. I went out and collected rocks from the front garden, brought out the paints, varnish, permanent marker and paint brushes. Got the table ready with my trusty old craft cloth (you know, the one can get paint on without it breaking your heart).

All this without a single bit of interest from my children.

The minute I sat down and opened the paint, it was like a magnet. Like the opening of a bag of heavily MSG’d chips.

Two little faces immediately ran to the table to see what I was doing and it was “paint paint paint” and “mommy can I paint one too?”. Even the cat appeared and wanted in on the action.

That was it, I wasn’t going to be able to keep this one to myself (self care be damned) I was going to have to share it with my kids. (I’ll take that mom of the year award now please and thank you).

Deep breathing.

I was going to have to take a deep breath and take one for the team. Luckily these rocks are for the garden, so I wasn’t really worried if they looked horrid. Plus, the boys will now hopefully take more interest in the garden if “their” rocks are in it?!

Off we go!

I had already washed the rocks, and so I just handed out paint brushes and we got stuck straight in.

The hardest part is waiting.

Obviously you have to wait for the paint to dry and lucky for me, it was almost bed time, so the rocks dried properly overnight before we wrote the names on them.

First thing this morning I called my son to come help me draw the names on the rocks. God bless him, he tried so hard to draw the veggies. I had to hold the giggles in and be all “wow, that’s cool my boy”. It was really hard for me to keep a straight face, but he tried.

I varnished the rocks, just to try keep them looking half decent for longer out in the weather, and when they were dry the boys helped me place them in the garden.

How do you guys like what we did? Super cool, if I do say so myself. I will confess that in the time it took us to make these name rocks, we have added two more types of veggies to the garden, so I’ll have to make some more rocks next week.

I think I’ll wait for the boys to be school when I do them. 😉

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