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My basic Photography Tips

I wanted to share with you all my FIVE easy photography tips to help you take better photos.


Using natural light, do you have enough? Are you taking pictures in front of a window? Are you outside? Make sure there is enough light (not a dark corner of a room or in deep shade), also, not in direct sunlight, this will be too harsh. Gentle light diffused through a window or tree is perfect!


Have you checked your layout? Are your products complimenting one another? Is there enough “white space” around your subjects? Is it pleasing to the eye?


Do my colours compliment one another? Is one colour standing out too much? Do I need to add a colour or take away a colour? Are all my elements present in the image?


Is my camera or my phone on the right settings to take a picture? Do I fully understand how my camera or phone works to enable me to take a good picture?


Taking a leaf from Mari Kondo, does my set up make me happy? Do I like what I’ve done? Does my photo speak what I wanted it to say?

Five easy check points to use to help you take great photos!


15th Aug 2019 at 10:40 am

I love these tips! I was hoping you’d share something like this after your food photography course. I’m really trying to up my photo game on Instagram, so this is great.

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