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Moms and Tots Me2Mentoring

We had the launch of our revamped Moms and Tots groups yesterday and my heart is so full! Moms and tots forms part of the Victory Church Jeffreys Bay, Me2Mentoring. We meet every week with moms who have little ones in our homes around JBay. It’s like a network of mommy support.

It’s magic.

What it’s all about

I remember when I had my first baby, over four years ago, I felt so lost and alone and not having family close by magnified that feeling. I felt like I didn’t have a clue, couldn’t get anything right and constantly wondered where my sleep had vanished to. I joined the moms and tots mentoring and discovered I wasn’t alone, we all don’t have a clue and that you never sleep again, hahahaha!

Those weekly meetups where my sanity, being a stay at home mom I needed to see other moms, adults, people like me, who where in the trenches with kids, needed encouragement and the occasional “you’re doing great” from a more experienced mom. We’d get together on a Wednesday morning, drink coffee, chat about life, our families, the best ways to help a snotty baby – that sort of stuff. Sometimes we’d do super practical stuff, like learn to make roti’s or how to make home-made fine motor toys. We’d have outings to parks and we even read through my friends amazing book Identity : Finding the Proverbs 31 Woman in Kid Chaos

Opportunity to share

I had the opportunity to share a small part of my mentoring journey with the ladies this morning, and it has brought to mind ALL the great and mighty things that God has done in my life through friendships and relationships with moms who cared over the years of mentoring.

I was sharing with the ladies how, when my youngest was diagnosed with his Morgagni Hernia, it felt like a huge wave just washed me away. I had zero fight and zero energy to think or even plan my life around what was going on. The doctors appointments, the scans, the x-rays, the surgeon consults and eventually our marathon 10 day hospital stay after his operation to repair his diaphragm.

The moms and tots WhatsApp group was busy, with planning, organising meals and helping my husband navigate our way through that time, and I remember clearly that even though you sit in the hospital alone with your child, you are not alone.

You are surrounded.

Surrounded by prayer, by people who love and care for you and your family, surrounded by community that step up and take the load off when you can’t carry everything anymore.

This is what our moms and tots group is. No matter what you’re facing in life, we are there, to stand with you, alongside you, to hold you up in prayer and physically (if we must). To pat you on the back and help you become the best mom YOU can be, the mom God made you to be!

Ladies Conference

To find out more about THE RISING or to book your seat, follow THIS link.

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