Kuzuko Lodge rests on a hill overlooking the Kaboega plains and Winterberg Mountains. Our twenty-four chalets offer guests awe-inspiring views of a big five reserve, a watering hole and the plains of the African Klein Karoo.

Wellness day visit to Kuzuko Lodge

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I don’t know if you remember a few months ago I attended an event in Port Elizabeth and I won a lucky draw which was a Wellness Day Visit to the Five Star Kuzuko Lodge, a Legacy resort.

I chose to book for my hubby’s birthday, cause lets face it, when do business owners and people who work for themselves ever get REAL time off? This prize was PERFECT for us.

Kuzuko Lodge rests on a hill overlooking the Kaboega plains and Winterberg Mountains. Our twenty-four chalets offer guests awe-inspiring views of a big five reserve, a watering hole and the plains of the African Klein Karoo.


We organised for our kids to go to Granny and Grandpa for the day (we owe them so big), and we drove off into the Karoo. I cannot emphasize enough that the lodge is in the middle of nowhere, literally. It’s not a few km’s off the main road, you get at least 45minutes to enjoy the Karoo scrub and dusty gravel roads getting there.

It’s magic.

The drive in really prepares you for the experience, you start to switch off, slow down and start to take in your surroundings. Arriving at reception, things are relaxed, a welcome drink and friendly staff. Gorgeous artworks in the reception area and that real Karoo feel to it all.

You are collected from reception by a game ranger and you drive a further 10 minutes in the game viewing vehicle to the lodge, set on the ridge of an enormous hill, overlooking the Kaboega plains.

It is truly breathtaking.

We were welcomed with warm cloths to wipe the dust off. To be honest, I had no clue this was a thing, and so voiced my confusion. My mother always taught us to ask questions, sometimes it makes me looks like a weirdo, but hey, I learned something new!

We were given a short tour of the lodge, shown where they are busy extending the deck off the restaurant, and let me tell you, when it’s done, you can eat on that deck overlooking the valley and feel like your floating on air.

The spa and wellness center is currently being re-built and extended to include a new gym, so brace yourselves, something magnificent is coming in that department soon.

We were treated to a complimentary hand massage and served tea and coffee in the lounge. It was so lovely sitting on those plush couches, enjoying the view, baking in the sun. We truly felt like we’d arrived in paradise.

Kuzuko lodge lounge kimvanveeblog

I fell in love with the bespoke basins in the lodge. Each bathroom has a different basin set, totally unique, they are stunning! Also, we were shown one of the chalets, super luxurious, with that gorgeous view included from the bed and even the bath tub!

Our couples Swedish full body massage treatment was heaven, all the stress just melting away after a very intense two months of work, moving house and personal challenges, this really did come at the right time for us. We needed a break away and some new scenery in our hearts, and we were so blown away by the glory of this place.

A massive thank you to Lisa and Caylon for treating us so well, and for answering all our questions about the lodge.

We took a leisurely stroll back to the lodge and took in the magnificent pool, kids play area and beautiful indigenous plants along the walkways.

The lunch was calling us and we were so ready eat! The menu was simple, beautiful and tasty. Starting with grilled chicken salad, then a rack of lamb with seasonal roasted veg and finishing off with a strawberry fridge pudding.

We had to wrap up our visit, but we really wanted to stay. I can highly recommend booking in for a night or two, it will round off your visit perfectly. Book a game drive or two and experience the Big Five that they have on the reserve (11000ha) I wish we were able to do just that, but we will definitely be back for a full visit!

The lodge has a small gift shop on site where you can buy beautiful, locally made gifts and mementos, we got our boys a cute hedgehog each.

It was such a lovely time for us to get away and enjoy each other’s company, the drive up there is time we always use to catch up on life and have long discussions about work and family.

Take my advice and make sure you have a full tank of petrol in your car before heading out that way, we didn’t anticipate the length of the drive and ended up having to stop at a farm petrol pump (who’s power was out) and luckily they had a jerry can with 20L of petrol in. Such lovely people, and it is open to the public to purchase petrol, about 10km from the Lodge reception, but perhaps better to be safe rather than like us, funneling petrol from a jerry can lol.

We got back to PE to pick up our kids just after 17h00, just in time for the traffic, and then drove back to Jeffreys Bay with two very tired kids in the car from having so much fun with Granny and Grandpa

To find out more about Kuzuko Lodge, or to make a booking visit there website HERE or call +27 42 203 1700

On another note:

Can I just ask the question though, why, if it’s now 2019 are hotels (especially five star ones) still using the 1990’s clunky Continetal china? It just detracts from all the lovely decor items and interior that a lot of thought has gone into, and then, clunk, your tea is served in a cup with a half inch lip. I have seen this at other venues too, not just here, so this is my appeal for more elegant crockery for tea and coffee.

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