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Good Cocoa, Good Chocolate

I recently received a press release in my inbox that has me very interested. I am always excited when large corporate food and beverage companies start making changes in the way they source, use and farm products for the mass market, and that is exactly what Cadbury Cocoa Life is!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “okay, but have they put their money where their mouth is?” The short answer, Yes!

We have a vision to make cocoa right.

Cadbury partners with Mondelēz International Cocoa Life Programme in Ghana to ensure that the cocoa that is used in their delicious chocolate is “made right”. That every part of the cocoa production and harvest is done to benefit the local communities, uplift the cocoa farmer and ensure a better quality of life for the farmer.

This is no easy task, says Yaa Peprah Amekudzi Country Lead of Mondelēz International Cocoa Life Programme in Ghana.

Yaa Peprah Amekudzi

“Making it right means tackling the complex challenges that cocoa farmers face by working hand-in-hand with the men and women who make their living from cocoa, focusing on where we can make a difference to transform the cocoa sector by inspiring lasting change, rooted in deep understanding, sector-wide collaboration and partnerships.”

Did you know?

  1. 70% of the world’s cocoa is grown by West African farmers, mostly in family-owned farms. Unfortunately, many farmers have seen their yields dwindle over the last few decades.
  2. Thanks to training by Cocoa Life, almost 150 000 farmers are now equipped to grow cocoa more effectively.
  3. The vital skills they learn include identifying crop diseases earlier, how to manage the soil and use chemicals responsibly.
  4. 45% of Cadbury chocolate in South Africa is made from Cocoa Life cocoa – and they are planning to make it 100% by 2025.
  5. The Cocoa Life stamp, which will be on all Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs from July 2019, makes it easy for any chocolate lover to support farmers on our continent just by indulging their favourite snack.

I am so excited to see this program roll out, and can’t wait to see the Cocoa Life emblem on Cadbury slabs!

You can keep up with their progress by following their blog HERE.

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