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Review: Hand Creams for winter skin.


Can we talk about winter hand creams for minute? Especially ones that are “drugstore” affordable and claim to be for very dry winter skin?

My husband and I have tried three…my husband works outdoors with his hands all day, he has craters in his hands from the dry, cold air. He is constantly complaining about it, so obviously his wife had to make a plan, cause let’s be honest, what man is going to head to the local Dischem and search for hand cream?!

Sanex Advnced Hydrate 24h Nourishing Body Lotion – VERY DRY SKIN

review winter hand creams kimvanveeblog sanex
Sanex Advanced for Very Dry Skin

This product is great, but not for hands, straight out the shower and slather this on and my skin felt hydrated and nourished. It does leave a little “residue” on the skin, which for those of us who are tactile, isn’t great, but you don’t really notice it after a few minutes. I did notice that it would leave this film of residue on my skin all day, so when I bathed or showered next, I would be “washing off” the residue.

It contains CeraGly Activ Technology and emollients to replenish skin’s natural moisture level and improve moisture retention for 24 hours. After 7 days of use.


I am still a little weary to believe what I read on a label in terms of adjectives, because of my advertising background, so I always test the product on my self before I believe what I read.

As far as hand cream goes, it really wasn’t ideal for either myself of my husband. Yes, it is technically a body lotion, but wouldn’t it be great if a product could double up?

Sanex Advanced Body Lotion
Sanex Advanced Body Lotion

Epimax Ultra Ointment – For Very Dry, Cracked Skin.

reivew hand creams kimvanveeblog epimax
Epimax Ultra for Very Dry, Cracked Skin

I had very high hopes for this one, considering the list of ingredients on the back.

  • Petrolatum
  • Microcrystalline wax
  • Lanolin alcohol
  • d-panthenol
  • glycerin
  • ceresin
  • bisobolol

A lot of those ingredients are easily recognizable, and the I was excited to see how it performed having Lanolin in, but for the price I paid, R45, I’m actually not surprised that it didn’t live up to expectation.

I have used pure lanolin (Lansinoh brand) when I breastfed my boys, and let me tell you, not a cracked nipple in sight! So the ingredient must be so diluted in this product that it’s not even effective.

It is thick, like sticky peanut butter, and smears on with much effort. It makes your hands greasy, unusable and doesn’t hydrate or improve or even better the cracked skin.

Epimax Ointment
Epimax Ointment

Nivea RepairCare Hand Cream – dexpanthenol

Nivea repariCare Hand Cream
Nivea repariCare Hand Cream

You can tell by the tiny bottles I’ve got that I haven’t been very optimistic about the hand cream industry, not wanting to waste my money on a large bottle, choosing instead to buy a hand bag sized bottle to test out.

The Nivea is by far the best of the three that we tried.

A thick cream, easy to apply, non greasy (after a minute or two) and hydrating your hands with actual results with regular use. It has that typical Nivea fragrance, just a little toned down, which I prefer, and it has been the winner in our home for cracked, dry hands.

Nivea RepairCare Hand cream
Nivea RepairCare Hand cream

At R42for the 75ml it’s an affordable option. Also, my hubby likes this one cause he can put some on, and carry on working without his tools slipping out of his hands. So definitely a winner in my book.

I reviewed these creams, because it took us three tries to find one that worked for us and our lifestyle, so don’t give up when you find a product that doesn’t work, just move on and try another one. They are definitely not made equal, and this is just three of the thousands that are available from drugstores, high end brand, eco friendly brands and organic brands.

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