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Blogger Event at No 5 by Mantis

I had the privilege of attending an exclusive presentation for bloggers in Port Elizabeth recently. Hosted by No5 by Mantis in Summerstrand, the event included a talk by NYC business coach and influencer, Haley Findlay, an Art tour through the hotel and a gorgeous dinner in the wine cellar.

The swanky outfit

I haven’t been to a “function” in over two years, so the idea of getting dressed up and going to a fancy venue was enough to make my week, then a great friend of mine from Ma’am offered to do my make-up (cause we all know I have zero clue with make-up). The excitement started long before the 45 min drive to Port Elizabeth from Jeffreys Bay, and it did help curb my nerves a little. My go-to LBD is from Malok a while back, they have lovely clothes available for purchase online.

The Venue

No5 by Mantis is a beautifully restored art deco masterpiece, with original furniture pieces and an art collection to rival most private collections.

This full service 5 star boutique hotel houses a 16 seater wine cellar, whiskey and cigar bar, 10 seater boardroom, a 15 seater cinema, replicating that of Lord Charles’ Clarence home cinema in London, 2 pools and a spa with gym to ensure your every need is met.

No5 on Mantis Facebook page

This venue is GORGEOUS. I’m not a huge art deco fan, but when it’s done right, man alive, you feel like you stepped into the heart of luxury. The deep, rich colours of the furnishings and the stunningly restored original art deco furniture made me glad I dressed up, I felt like I matched my surroundings, all done up and what not.

The Presentation

I said that I was nervous, well, I was still nervous and my glass of wine had done nothing to help me. You see it’s a small, private event, maximum 20 people. So going without a +1 is already weird. I did bump into my fellow ECMeetup bloggers and we all had a laugh and got to know each other a little better.

The presentation was given in the hotels little cinema, perfect for a small presentation, it was cosy, comfortable and less intimidating than expected.

Haley was super friendly, down to earth and presented in a way that was easy to understand and interactive, which is always great. We got to ask questions and her and her business partner where more than happy to answer our million questions.

I will say that what she said is not new to me, I have learned all the basics for Instagram and blogging from my one on one sessions with a blogger coach, but Haley brought a wealth of knowledge on the approaching brands side. She pushed the “trade exchange” as the first contact when approaching a brand, and really laid out a good base for getting the ball rolling for bloggers who want to work with brands and vice versa. With some marketing and social media managers in the room it was very interesting to hear their side of the conversation as well, as it brings perspective as to what the brand/PR company is looking for in a blogger or micro influencer for their product.

The Dinner

Guys, the food! I can’t even.

We had to place our order before the presentation selected from the menu. It’s a very difficult decision to make.

The food is astounding.

Lamb Shank, Wildebeest Fillet, Line Fish, the list went on.

I chose the Wildebeest Fillet, cause when in a five star hotel you order something new to try don’t you?! It was subtly flavoured, with a peppered crust, not too dissimilar to beef, but perhaps slightly sweet. Beautifully plated, of course, and delicious. Paired with Protea wines, dinner and conversation where flowing around the table.

My photos really don’t do it all justice, the lighting is perfectly moody inside the hotel, and it really felt like you where in another world. We got to meet some of the staff and discovered that they do a spa visit with a lunch, or you can book a table for lunch or dinner even if you’re not staying in the hotel, which is quite nice as a special occasion celebration or a break-away for the day.

Thank you to No5 by Mantis for hosting this event and thank you for the wonderful hospitality!

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