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WAHM. What was I thinking?!

Who’s having fun on holiday?! Guys, can I just say that I totally psyched myself up, I mentally prepared myself, I spoke positive words about the holidays coming and how amazing it would be to have my boys at home and let me tell you something, none of it helped. None.

Not even a tiny little bit.

Now I know what you’re going to say, “why did you have kids in the first place then?” and “well what did you think was going to happen?” I get it, I’m a sucky parent, but in my defence, I work from home, my home IS my office. I don’t get to escape to some wonderful bland office space where you fight for the fresh coffee and have to write your name on your lunch. I work IN MY HOME. This means that when my mini-me’s are on holiday I am on mommy duty full time. No work. No space. No room to think.


Aaaww shame, I hear you say. No, don’t feel sorry for me, not even sarcastically, I did this to myself, but that doesn’t make it any easier. WAHM’s know the struggle. Work for yourself, no boss, no 8-5 schedule, but the downside is during holidays, your work capacity drops to about 15% and your brain is taken over by the fact that your once peaceful place of reflection and productivity is now a super-sized play pen with an array of toys to navigate whenever you want to get yourself a cup of coffee.

Let’s take today for instance, I woke up at 03h00 with a sore back (God bless you bad posture and 3 x c-sections), so I lay quietly so as not to wake the animal world (in my house when I get up, all the animals assume it’s “up time” and proceed to run and bounce and tackle each other, waking up the entire household.) Then the little one wakes up my hubby at 04h00 (cause who sleeps in the ACTUAL beds when you have small kids right?!) So I try to lay quietly (my four year old is in my bed), anyway, at 05h00 I decide that’s decent enough hour to potentially wake up the suburb with my dogs so I get up and have coffee.

The day progressed like this:

  1. Three cups of French Press coffee by 09h30
  2. Broke up 4, maybe 5 fights between my boys between 08h00 & 09h30
  3. Served three sets of snacks
  4. Two rounds of juice
  5. Made three beds (one with new bedding cause #nappyfail)
  6. Did one load of laundry
  7. Did one round of dishes
  8. Fed the dogs
  9. Hung out the laundry
  10. Broke up another 4 fights between the boys
  11. Served another round of snacks
  12. Another round of juice
  13. Dropped off the recycling
  14. One kid in bed
  15. The other kid currently begging for flapjacks while I try and write a blog post.

So, nap time is proving to be “opportune nag time” for my eldest while I try, try to stay ahead of the ball digitally, and I don’t know how I’m going to get through three whole weeks without just throwing my hands in the air and declaring myself “on holiday” for the remainder of the time.

Work at home mom’s and dad’s, I salute you, I see you, I feel you!

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