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Raising Boys

Let them get dirty.

I have always believed that kids need to play outside and get dirty. The more I research kids immunity and wellness the more I see that kids getting dirty is important. Then at the wellness talks it was confirmed again, let your kids get dirty.

The benefits are are more than just gut health and improved immunity, it’s about letting them play and discover for themselves, develop their imagination and free play.

So whenever it’s been raining I always prepare myself for the inevitable. Muddy puddle play.

The boys always start tentatively, just walking and kicking the mud. Give it another 10minutes in and they are knee deep in mud and racing their bikes right through the puddles, getting it all over themselves!

For some of you this might be a little overwhelming, but I can promise you, if you are prepared for it, this kind of play can be so wonderful for everyone. I posted about keeping kids clean HERE.

I really also think that Girls should also get in on the messy play too, not just the boys. This part of growing up is vital for our kids so we should allow them to get into the dirt and sand.

How do you let your kids have messy play? Are your kids as wild as mine? Let me know in the comments!

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