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New Pajamas for the win.

It’s getting colder here on the coast now, winter is well and truly upon us. Although I’m not sure it really knows it is yet, cause we’ve had such a balmy start to our winter. We had a day of 31C over the weekend, so I’m thinking winter is denial or slow to getting into action this year.

Anyway, like any mother worth her cold coffee, I have ensured that my kids have lovely warm winter pajamas and new sets of warm clothes for the coming season. My eldest (4) is growing at a rate of knotts and I honestly can’t keep up with him. T-shirts he wore in December are now in his brothers cupboard already and his ankles are sticking out of all of his old long pants from last year.

The hunt for Pajamas.

I like to stock up on season essentials when they are on sale, but this year I struggled to find winter pajamas for my kids. My youngest is just wearing his tracksuit jerseys and tracksuit pants to bed, cause he doesn’t know the difference, but the eldest knows the difference and I was struggling to find anything remotely close to what he needs – no onesies, no polyester, decent warm fabric, big enough to last through winter. (my son is quite tactile so he just refuses point blank to wear certain fabrics – he’s his mother’s child.)

The pajamas I found for him I got from Ackermans, fleece button up pj’s with Lightening McQueen all over (of course) and he loves them. Refuses to let me shorten the pants cause he wants them “rolled twice mommy”.


But we all moms know that one set of pajamas is never going to work cause laundry, and wet days and they need at least two sets right?!

I headed off to get him another a set and found a great deal at Pick n Pay clothing, blue, pull over with matching pants with Paw Patrol all over (of course).

He has now declared that the Lightening McQueen pajamas are not his favourite anymore and he “only wants to wear his Paw Patrol pajamas now”.


Right dear, and when your Paw Patrol pajamas are in the wash you will have to wear your McQueen pajamas.

I honestly think I just do this sort of thing to make myself feel better, cause I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care less if he has pajamas, one or two sets, and he definitely doesn’t care if they are clean or not.

Oh well, more coffee please.

Big cups of coffee

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