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40th Birthday Bash! Plus great tips for party planing.

I just turned 40!! Yay! I hope you’re ready for a bumper post all about the planning and the details, cause THIS is my happy place, event planning!

It all started with the cake.

It all has to start somewhere. You can’t plan a party without a few key things nailed down first.

  • Date/Time
  • Venue
  • Theme

I started with a date, time, type of party and a cake! I chose my cake first and everything flowed around that. The colours, the type of food and the feel for the day. I ordered the cake from a local lady, Melinda, and her cakes are to die for! Chocolate decadence on the inside and buttercream on the outside, the cake has to be a masterpiece, if it’s going to be the centerpiece.

The next things that need to be decided on is budget, as well as how much “effort” you are willing to put into the day. For example, I had a small budget, but I didn’t want to spend all day making food and worrying about having enough food. This helps finalise the time of day for the party too, a breakfast or lunch party is considerably less expensive than an evening function. I could have even squeezed it down to an afternoon tea, but because it’s my 40th, milestone birthday I wanted to do something special.

Nothing makes me happier than sitting around a table with good food and great friends lost in wonderful conversation. So the idea of having a ladies lunch (no kids, no partners) was heaven for me! How often does a mom of small kids get to have decent conversation with her mama friends without a billion interruptions?

Pasta lunch with my ladies.

I sent out my “save the dates” 6 weeks in advance, cause I know how it gets. Calendars get full, parties get squeezed in last minute, and I didn’t want anyone to miss out, and I really wanted as many of my friends to be there as possible.

I contacted a local caterer Dallas from Awethu Catering, and we had a sit down to discuss the menu. The quote for the private chef to come to my home and set up all the spreads and breads, nibbles and salads was really affordable, and it meant that I wouldn’t have to fuss with much on the day. I had planned to make fresh pasta for the lunch on the day, but decided to go with high quality dried pasta instead just to keep things simpler.

The menu for Awethu Catering included:

  • Fresh breads/ciabatta
  • Cheeses
  • Hummus and Olive tapanade
  • Liver pate
  • Salads
  • Caprese Salad
  • Bread sticks
  • Pancetta wrapped melon pieces.

I hired all the extras I would need, like glasses, plates, napkins and large glass decanter from a local rental company called Fabulous Functions, they have tons of things to choose from, a wide range of sign boards, bunting, glasses, vases and more! They do from boardroom, party to wedding rentals, so look them up for your next party. Rental of the crockery meant I didn’t have to fork out to buy all that extra stuff and it matched my colours perfectly. No stressing to shop and find the right fit, just pick, fetch and set up!

Fabulous Functions Warehouse


With most of my budget used up on the food and cake, I am not complaining, I needed to spruse up the house a little to add to the party feel. Enter Pinterest and the endless ways to fold crepe paper!

It really was just simply cutting the crepe paper into strips of different thicknesses and taping them in a row, then taping that to the ceiling. I picked the colours to compliment the cake and the placement was on the wall at the cake/drinks table just to encapsulate everything in an area as my living room is long and wide and it needed a focal point.

The paper flowers were made by folding crepe paper into a fan and cutting the corners off, tying in the middle with a piece of string and pulling the ruffles out. It was a bit fiddly, but I can re-use the crepe paper in gift bags and won’t make any plastic waste this way.

Party Time!

The food was amazing!! My friends where blown away by what Dallas had put together, the pasta was delicious with fresh, home-made basil pesto (made by Dallas) and my famous Frikkadels in tomato and red wine. We feasted and ate cake, it was a wonderful afternoon of celebration, and I am so glad everything came together so beautifully.

Thank you to my friends, Cathering, Rosie and Rone for the photos of us all enjoying lunch.

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