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JBay find: Tasty Table

I have made it my mission to go around Jeffrey’s Bay and visit, eat at and participate in as many of the restaurants and local places that I haven’t experienced yet. I know this is a small town and you’re probably thinking, how many places can there be? There are LOTS!

We have a steady stream of foreign visitors year round, not to mention loads of South Africans that come to experience our Winterfest, Makiti and December beach holidays, so there are plenty of places to visit and things to do here.

The first in the “JBay Find” series is Tasty Table.

Tasty Table is located smack on the beach front at Dolphin Beach

It’s located down on the beachfront, literally a stones throw from dolphin beach, it is the perfect spot to watch the sun rise in winter with a gorgeous cup of coffee and I just know the place is buzzing in summer with all the summer beach visitors.

Set in an older part of town, the building is quaint, inviting and very nicely made up inside to make you feel cosy, warm and welcome. Their menu is very well thought out, with some really interesting options on all sides of the menu. As a foodie, you will not be disappointed by the fare. From breakfast, light snacks all the way to burgers and craft beers, it’s a must try.

I had the “Something Different” breakfast and I was totally blown away, the hummus and dukkah mix with the soft eggs was sublime! Hubby had the omelette, and it was beautifully presented, and he ate every bite!

The service is friendly and it is well priced. My hubby and I had our “Friday meeting” there today and we were very impressed, I loved being able to gaze at the ocean while I sipped my latte. We got a lot of conversation in, and the setting is relaxing which is so lovely for a good chat.

So if you’re visiting JBay for the first time, or if you’re a local who hasn’t been down there, I highly recommend it.

I will definitely be back!

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