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Grand Prix Indoor Racing

We took the kids to the Algoa Grand Prix Indoor Racing circuit recently and we had so much fun! Well, fun for those who love to race, mini heart failure for mom.

My eldest and dad had been before and it was declared by both of them to be so much fun! With big hand movements and shouting of “woosh” and “vroom”, so it must have been fun. I agreed to tag along when they went a second time and then I would drive with the little one in a double car.

Insert nervous laughter here.

Now I’m quite possibly the “gamest” person I know, but in the last few years of pregnancy and giving birth (c-sections) I’ve become something of an old lady. Not too daring, and just keeping the activity levels to a slow jog or a fast walk across the parking lot at the mall, you know, nothing too strenuous. No more zip-lining, racing and jumping in all guns blazing.

So I was already skeptical about how the whole “family race” thing was going to go down, with hubby keen on getting a good time on his laps and my eldest wanting to go “fast and fast”. Along with the fact that the little one had tripped and fallen head first into the wooden winners podium, so already had a bump on his forehead and was definitely not keen on anything.

So when came time to suite up and put our helmets on my youngest would have none of it. This poor kid is terrified of the swimming caps at swim lessons, how on earth were we expecting him to wear a miniature helmet? Although, yes, safety and indemnity first.

He’s not impressed, bump on forehead and all.

Eventually we decided that mom and little one would sit on the side and watch, while dad and brother do their 10 laps around the course.

It was brilliant.

Watching them race around, my 6’3″ husband scrunched up with his knees in his ears steering that tiny go-kart around the track as if he was on the Le Mans or something, was hilarious. My eldest holding onto his fake steering wheel with a look on his face that read – I’m having fun, I think – until they crashed.

The accident, I know it doesn’t look that bad, but my son got a seat belt burn on his neck.

Yup, hubby got a little over excited and had a little skid on a turn, giving them both a little whiplash. My eldest just nods, yes, he’s okay, and they’re off for the last few rounds. When he got off the track he declared that it was scary and didn’t want daddy to crash.

Meanwhile, little brother and I were taking a billion selfies on the sidelines, shouting every time dad and brother drove past and generally enjoying ourselves.

My verdict?

It was great fun, and they do birthday parties too (something to think of for the future) but I’m not sure I’d let my son drive on his own until he’s 7 or 8 (the rule is they can ride alone from 5), but this mama is putting her foot down. Either my hubby learns to drive a little slower with him, or he has to wait till he’s 5 to go on his own.

It’s loud and smelly and lots of petrol-head fun. So definitely give it try if you have a chance. At R140/10 laps, open from 10h00, it’s great fun, race day out.


13th May 2019 at 10:53 pm

If your child enjoys cars, then this is a fun activity, no doubt. My son has done it too, and loved it on both occasions. Thanks for linking up with us at #itsok

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