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Raising Boys

I thought the poop was over.

Now that my youngest is two and the older one is out of nappies, I thought life would ease up a little. You know, the cleaning up, the wee on the floor the accidents the stinky mess.

I was so wrong.

It just gets worse, apparently. I will add here that house training two puppies in one year was maybe not the brightest move, but at least it’s over now and they go outside. I just thought my life of cleaning up poop was over, but how wrong was I?!

My kids had some friends round to play one afternoon and before they arrive I make sure that all the dog poop is picked up, there’s snacks in the fridge and juice, you know, make it all ready so I’m not scrambling when four boys descend on the house.

Everything is going smoothly, they are all playing nicely together, inside, outside on the trampoline. There visit is in it’s second hour, and literally five minutes before we need to leave to take the friends home, one of them stands in fresh dog poop. I just hear “tannie, tannie” behind me and he’s hobbled inside the house ALL THE WAY to the kitchen to SHOW ME THE POOP ON HIS FOOT.

Yup, insert facepalm here.

So I chase him outside in my most un-panicky host voice I could find and grab my rags and kitchen spray (yup, you heard right), I have to clean this poop foot outside before we all rush into the car and speed off to pick up their mom and take them all home.

I come home, to find that the dog is chewing on something. It’s the friends shoe that was left outside while they were playing. So now I’ve cleaned dog poop off a childs foot and now I ALSO have to replace a pair of shoes.

To top it all off, the next day, BOTH MY BOYS stepped in fresh dog poop to just to add some experience to “poopy foot washing” resume.

I swear I thought the poop was over, I was dead wrong!

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