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12 Easy Mother’s Day Spoils.

It’s Mother’s day just around the corner, and I’d like to share with you my top 12 things that I would love to receive on this special day. The list varies from inexpensive to splurge, and includes some local JBay options too!

Spoiling our moms on mother’s day shouldn’t be a burden or something we feel pressured to do, pick something that your mom loves, or pick something for the whole family to do together, but whatever you pick, make it a day to spoil your mom.

I have added links to some amazing Jeffreys Bay Local options.

1: Make her tea/coffee in bed.

All you need for this is the tea or coffee, a tray and a flower from the garden. No flowers in your garden? Cut one out of paper and fold it up to go next her cup on the tray. It’s a simple gesture, but it will mean so much to her. The little personal touches is what it’s all about, and don’t worry if it’s not perfect, mom’s will love it anyway.

2: Breakfast in bed.

Plan this one the day before so you have everything you need first thing in the morning. Does she like cereal? or overnight oats? Eggs and bacon with coffee or hummus toast? Also adding a personal touch to this one can make mom feel special, a small vase of flowers or special tea cup is all it needs to make it beautiful.

This one is very traditional, but very loved by mothers everywhere. A simple breakfast in bed, or an elaborate one, you can decide. I know I’d love a pancake stack with coffee in bed on mother’s day!

3: Give her the morning off.

Every mom I know would love to get a morning to themselves. Just a few hours to go window shopping, have a cup of tea somewhere and run a few errands with no interruptions. Give her a beautiful card with a note inside saying she’s got the morning off from all her regular chores. Like washing dishes, packing lunches and making sure everyone has had their breakfast. Make sure the responsible person is old enough to handle this task or it may not go down so well.

4: Give her a gorgeous gift bag.

This is probably my favourite thing to give to mom’s on their birthday’s, so why not use it for mother’s day too? Fill a gift bag with her favourite things. A magazine she likes, her favourite treat, a pair of earrings and a new fridge magnet with a picture of the family on it. A lovely little bag of treats goes a long way to saying “I love you” to the mom you love.

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5: Get her a spa voucher.

There are so many moms who often don’t get time for a spoil like this, so this could be a double gift. A treatment and time to herself. Does she like getting her nails done? Does she enjoy a massage? Then go to her favourite spa (or one she always wishes she could go to) and spoil her with a voucher for a treatment. The ladies at the spa will be able to advise what would be a great spoil. This will definitely make the mom in your life feel loved and appreciated.

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6: Flower Delivery.

I know this may seem a little obvious, but getting flowers delivered to your door is special and unexpected, Mom’s love flowers, so make it a nice big arrangement of her favourite colours and flowers. You could also sign up for a flower subscription, and get her a bunch of flowers delivered every month! Now wouldn’t that be an amazing gift!

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7: Reservations.

Book a baby sitter, and make reservations at a lovely restaurant for lunch, dinner or breakfast. Spoil the Mom in your family with a meal out somewhere (especially if she has small kids), the pleasure of eating in peace will be such a gift. There are so many restaurant options, so pick one that she loves, or has a great view, or one that is special to her. Nothing says I love you Mom like a beautiful meal out.

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8: Make a Hand-made card.

Things don’t have to cost a fortune, hand-make a card with coloured paper, crayons and paint. You would have to do this a little in advance, so plan ahead and get some coloured paper, cut out pictures from magazines or print and colour in, make shapes and paint them, write a beautiful note to your mom inside and present it with love and pride.

Personalised gifts from the kids are always a winner. Add in a little slab of chocolate and you’ve got it.

9: Original Art.

Now I know you’re thinking this could be expensive, but no, there are so many inexpensive options out there. You can commission a small piece from a local artist, order fridge magnets online that print family photos on them, or go to your local market and pick up a beautiful piece to hang next to her desk or vanity. Choose a frame to match or buy it ready-framed, just make sure it matches what she already has in the house, this is a thoughtful gift to give to any mom.

Here are a few links to some local artists and online print companies: Just Demi Designs Don Bell Artist Skwe Magnets Nifty 250

10: Tell her you love her.

Some people’s love language is words of affirmation. So tell your mom or the mother of your children that you love her, appreciate her and value everything she does for you and your children (and grandchildren). This is a great way to start a beautiful tradition in the home of loving and appreciating one another, telling someone you love them is a wonderful gift to give.

11: Shopping voucher.

Get a voucher for her favourite clothing store. Or take her out to buy that item she’s been looking at for ages. Mom’s always put their needs second to that of their family, spoil her and let her have a morning to choose something for herself. Or buy it for her in advance and surprise her with it on the morning. Mom’s love to be spoiled, and this is a fabulous way to get her something beautiful.

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12: Love and Appreciate her.

Even if you are unable to get a gift, make a gift or send a gift, BE a gift. Praise your mom for everything she’s given to you, the food she makes, the laundry she does, the house she cleans and the errands she runs to make sure the house runs smoothly. Be a blessing to her for the day, make her tea, help with the supper, tidy your room and don’t complain. This would be a big gift for any mother.

Mother’s day is an opportunity to bless and encourage the mom’s in our lives, lets make it a special one. I hope you’ve found this list helpful. What are some of your mother’s day gift ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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