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The best jeans, ever!

Let me just start out by saying that this post is not sponsored, I have not been asked to write about this product, I am just so genuinely impressed that I cannot NOT write about them! Seriously, like jean heaven!

I have struggled for years, YEARS to find a jean that fits, as we all know, this is like the unicorn of the clothing world, a denim that fits. Through my various phases of life and weight, I have found quite a few great pairs, but after having kids and THREE c-sections, my body has changed in ways I never thought it would. It has taken a beating, and I’ve lost weight and gained weight and all my usual “go to” denims just don’t work anymore.

The horror!

I know I’m not alone with this, ladies, we ALL struggle with the denim issue. To tight in the waist, too long in the leg. To wide at the waist, too tight on the thighs. Or my personal favourite, the half size, how can I be a half size??

Enter, Wonderfit from Milady’s.

I have been following their Insta for about a month now, cause I realise that I need to look in other places to find my clothes now that my body has changed, and all my usual places are coming up empty so why not give it a bash, right? I saw their posts about the WonderFit denim and I was intrigued. I decided to give them a bash. Walked into the Milady’s store in our local mall, picked up a pair of olive straight leg, cause coloured denim is awesome, grabbed a 12 (I’ve gained a bit of weight and guessed I was up a size now), into the fitting room, determined to not be disappointing with this new find if it didn’t work, but then something magical happened. THEY FIT! They actually fit, and comfortably! There was no, squeezing or bulging, or squashing or straining ANYWHERE. Now if you know me, I don’t like things that “grab onto me” you know, those bands and elastics that leave a mark on your skin? This type of thing drives me insane. I am super tactile, so my clothes must be breathable, light-weight and non restrictive.

These jeans, I’m in heaven!

I have NEVER walked into a store, anywhere, and just tried on a pair of jeans and been sold, INSTANTLY. This is a FIRST. The sales lady let me know that if I buy two pairs I get R100 off. Who doesn’t love a bargain? I grabbed a skinny dark blue denim in the same size and just walked to the counter, didn’t try them on, didn’t hesitate, just like that, done.

I can highly recommend this denim, especially if your body is like mine, stretched and sagging in all the wrong places, having worked hard to carry and feed babies in my late 30’s, my body will not recover the same way someone younger would, and these jeans have changed my life. I have pants that fit, that are comfy, are flexible and I can wear them AND play with my kids at the same time! BONUS!

Another thing about this denim that floats my boat, they are produced using recycled water. This is SO important when we live in a water scarce country and need to protect our natural resources. They aren’t made in S.A., they are made in Lesotho, but that’s close enough to home don’t you think?

These fabulous denims are available in a range of styles and colours and they go up to size 50! So we can all look amazing in our jeans without the discomfort.

I know, I’m gushing, but guys, do yourself a favour and go try on a pair, and when you’ve bought two pairs post a picture and tag me so I can see how amazing you look and feel in these denims!

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