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The flux of parenthood.

The baby phase, the teething phase, the toddler phase, the going to school phase, the tween phase, so many phases of parenthood, so many things to get used to, the constant change of parenthood is inevitable.

We have FINALLY moved into a new phase. Can you tell how happy I am? We are now finished with babies, little onesies, poo-splotions, teething and formula.


We’ve had a recent run of late mornings (late in our home is 6am, so don’t envy me yet), and it got me thinking, we are finally out of the baby zone, gone are the days of waking ten times a night to feed, change and burp. No more rocking and bobbing around to calm and quiet an infant. We are currently on the LAST SET OF TEETH that are almost completely out (molars too – karma is a bitch), and it’s making me a little nostalgic. I know, I’m a weirdo, I should be throwing a party right?! But I am nostalgic, cause I am DEFINITELY not having any more babies, and this means that with every milestone we pass, it’s the last time we will see that milestone. Our little one has just turned two, and he’s started creche, he’s got a big boy bed with paw patrol bedding, he’s starting to talk, we have truly moved on!

We have taken the crib back to the family for storage, all the baby clothes have been passed on. The “spoeg lappies” are now kitchen rags and we read stories at bedtime instead of bouncing our little one to sleep.

It’s a great new place to be in though, time to plan for the future, cause now we have our brains back after all that lack of sleep. Time to enjoy nights out again, cause the kids are big enough to be left with a sitter comfortably (in our home anyway), time to get back to work, mama is on it! With each passing month the transition out of baby life into full blown toddler life is not as daunting as baby transition was, and I’m pretty sure the challenges of teaching manners and potty training the second one will still be there, but it’s nice to know I can almost get a full nights sleep, and perhaps dare to watch a movie after the kids are in bed!

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