January, toight like a Tiger

So January is possibly the worst month of the year for everyone, generally. It’s the post Christmas/New Year overspend, back to school and everyone forgets that back to school means extra expenses like stationery, uniforms, sign up fees etc. I completely forgot that ALL my debit orders had increased slightly with the new year and so that caused a bit of a problem when debit order day came around. I know, shame on me!

But surely we learn our lesson? We plan for the next year better, we don’t spend as much as we usually do the next December? Or do we?

I think we are so stuck in a cycle of “rewarding ourselves” for a hard, long year that we just don’t care anymore. So come summer holidays and we forget our budgets and our frugal habits and we splash out on luxuries and presents and “rewards” for working hard for the year. But is this healthy? Is this how grown adults (well most of us anyway) should behave? Knowing that January brings with it responsibilities and routine once again?

Small businesses will know how hard it is to gather income over this period, and I know a ton of small business owners who find this period of the year (December/January) quite scary.

I am not complaining, but it’s a reality of the life we have chosen as business owners, so my mission is to find ways around this phenomenon for the year coming.

So perhaps our new year’s resolution should be one of planning and saving up for December so that when January comes around we are not left dipping into our “emergency money” to pay our rent and school fees. I know I’m going to be planning ahead a little better this year cause now I have two munchkins in school, and that stuff aint cheap!

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