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Supplimentation for Depression

I have written numerous blog posts about my depression, when I was still on Instagram my stories where filled with tips and honest posts about life with depression and anxiety. I have also posted about the Magnesium making such a marked impact on my ability to manage my depression and thought I’d do an update on ALL the supplementation that I take daily to help with my depression and anxiety so that you can see that the approach to managing this disease has to be a holistic one to make maintaining good mental health possible.

I was having the supplement discussion with my Clinical Psychologist yesterday at our bi-weekly session and we established that my current supplementation is working well for me, so here’s the list and their various benefits.

My Daily Supplementation

The Omega 3’s and B vitamins are EXCELLENT partners for the Anti-Depressant meds as they co-labour (for lack of a scientific term) and the Omega 3’s help assist with depression and general mental well being. B Vitamins are known for their stress buffering ability and thus helps the body to manage it’s stress effectively.

Magnesium Glycinate is the power house amino acid that helps with over 300 functions in the body on a cellular level. This amino acid is vital to many of our physical bodies functions and helps in phenomenal ways with restful sleep, lowers anxiety symptoms, helps with muscle cramps and overall well being.

Folic Acid is a B Vitamin, and it’s not directly linked to assisting mental health, but it is cheap and easy to come by and helps with general well being. I take it for my brittle nails, and it works like a bomb.

The Lexamil is my Anti-depressant medicine. I take a relatively light dose as we have determined over time that this works for me and my physiology well. This medicine is key to my balanced mental health and I will most likely be on it for a couple of years, it is part of my life now until further notice. The only problem with being on an SSRI drug is that falling pregnant would not be advised as the drug can cause major deformities and would lead to early termination, so for this reason, Minesse, the oral contraceptive helps to allow peace of mind that a termination would be highly unlikely as well as the possibility of managing a pregnancy at this stage of life would be extremely detrimental to my mental health. We have taken the decision not to have any more children and are looking into more permanent options to oral contraception.

Now you must understand that for me to take so many enormous tablets and capsules daily is quite a thing as I have a truly remarkable gag reflex, and if I don’t take the large tablets with a spoonful of yoghurt, they will just pop back out again in a blaze of glory. I have committed myself to taking this supplementation to assist my well-being and mental health, so my determination has to out-weigh my reflex, some days I win, some days my reflex wins, the important thing is I never give up. I keep going, and keep trying to get them in cause the difference these vitamins make to life is VISIBLE.

If you suffer from depression I would highly recommend spending some time researching and discussing different supplementation options with your doctor or psychologist.

There are a few things that you should avoid, for example, if you are taking an anti-depressant you cannot under any circumstances take a 5-HTP supplement. It acts against the anti-depressant and could lead to a major relapse.

As with anything medical it is always advised that you consult your health care professional, but do a little research yourself and make sure you understand fully with consequences (good and bad) of the meds and vitamins you are taking. Do not be naive or ignorant with anything pertaining to your health or anything else for that matter, always check and double check and run things past your doctor.

I had an example this week, where I had started taking the vitamin B’s and the improvement was so marked that I started to wonder if I was really depressed after all, do I really need to be on my meds?? So when I had my session with my psychologist I ran this past him and we had a long discussion about how, in my case, I would need to “feel” this way for at least a year before they would consider taking me off my medicine. It’s for my own safety, based on the improvement and stability I have gained in my life over the past year of being on anti-depressants and through the psychotherapy, I cannot afford (physically or financially) to relapse and have to work to get back to where I am now.

So remember, no matter how good you feel, do not go off your meds without talking to your doctor first!


8th Jan 2019 at 1:35 pm

Great post, do u take your supplements certain times of the day?

    8th Jan 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Hi there! I take most of them in the morning, although Omega’s are often taken at night. The Vitamin B’s are split one in the morning and one at night. 🙂

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