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The December stay-cation.

If I could explain how different this December has been in comparison with last December you’d be amazed. Our 2018 started with our 10 month old having major cardio-thoracic surgery to repair his Morgagni Hernia, so our December before the operation was spent trying to keep him healthy and out of the wind. Which meant no outdoors, no beach visits, no other kids over to play and no swimming. This December, however, we have been able to go to the beach, go on outings, have other kids over to play, been able to swim and enjoy the outdoors with summer weather and it has been grand!

We did some fun stuff with the kids this December as Hubby ALSO had leave for the first time in six years over December! So it was a wonderful time all around.

Starting with a pool party to celebrate my nephew’s birthday in Port Elizabeth.

Then we had the family over to our place to celebrate Christmas Eve with a lovely simple braai lunch and presents for the kids.

Then another visit to the Mooihoek Stawberry Farm for strawberry picking. I have bags of frozen strawberries in my freezer now and a lovely jar of home-made jam from our collecting. The farm is a great place for families to have an outing to Hankey, experience the farm, the outdoors and the heat.

Hubby also made sure that Mama Bear had a lovely outing, and booked tickets to see the South African Lipizzanners at the PE Polocrosse Club. I have seen them once before about 15 years ago in Cape Town and was so excited to see them again! A true testament to the age old discipline of dressage and training horses for battle. Also, having been an avid horse rider in my younger days, it was also wonderful to have a taste of that life again.

An eventful and satisfying holiday at home, and a great way to enjoy our family time together for the first time in six years over the Christmas period.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your loved ones.

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