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World Depression and Anxiety Day.

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Today is marked as world depression and anxiety day.
It’s not a day to celebrate depression and anxiety, it’s a day set aside to bring AWARENESS to the disease, and to allow professionals and sufferers alike to share their experiences, remedies and tactics for fighting this highly debilitating illness.
I suffer from depression and anxiety and have been walking a long road of recovery and healing through medication, psychotherapy and community connection.
The reality of this illness is that it can have MANY causes, there are MANY remedies and it affects individuals so DIFFERENTLY.
If I can say one this about this illness is that YOU SHOULDN’T BE SILENT ABOUT IT.
Don’t hide, don’t pretend your okay, don’t put on a brave face to please people.
Be real, be honest and seek help.
Talk to a professional, talk to a counselor, talk to your doctor, there is NOTHING to be ashamed of.
Don’t let people’s opinions stop you from living your best life, don’t allow the disease to overcome you, fight back, stay strong (when you can) and stay open.
If you know someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, be there for them.
Support them, love them and cheer them on.

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