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Kids and Baby Expo Port Elizabeth

I was invited to attend the Port Elizabeth Express, First Choice Kids and Baby Expo in Port Elizabeth this past weekend, held at the Boardwalk exhibition center in Summerstrand.  I didn’t get to attend last years expo as I had sick kids to care for, so when I got this invite I jumped at the opportunity.
This was the 9th year of the expo and is the Eastern Cape’s biggest expo dedicated to parents and children, with amazing local brands show-casing their products to parents and kids alike.
There were goody bags for the first 200 entrants with free First Choice Milki’s and a magazine, lots of specials available during the expo and tons of competitions running over the expo weekend.
My main interest at the expo was to see what gorgeous local products I could find to share and showcase with my readers.  I know how hard it can be to find well made, locally produced products that don’t cost a fortune (cause we all live on a budget), so I made it my mission to dig a little deeper with the exhibitors and I found some real gems!
Here are some of the exhibitors that caught my eye:

The Little Closet

Owned and run by Sumayyah Ally, is a locally made, gorgeous baby brand.  You can buy via their Instagram – website not unavailable at time of post. Goregous baby and kids clothes, accessories, teethers, bibs and more!!

Lolas Theme

Owned by Vicky Edelson, has the most gorgeous range of hoodies, skirts and tops for girls! Moms with girls, go check out her Instagram and FB pages for more lovely accessories.

HICH South Africa

Kids shirts designed to bring awareness to animal cruelty.  I love this.  It’s a cause I can really get behind, bringing awareness to this sort of thing is something we need more of, especially for our children.  It is vital that we teach our children to be kind and responsible humans from an early age.

Go and browse their website for backpacks, t-shirts and more.

Me4kidz South Africa

A company that make and supply wound care kits for kids and families.  Super handy, compact and well stocked with the basics, this product caught my attention immediately.  If you know me, I’m that über practical mom who loves things that come pre-packed, pre-organised and easy to store.  This product is exactly that! Visit their website to shop these amazing products!


A baby car seat/stroller company based in Johannesburg.  South African made and certified in Europe, this brand is sleek, safe and affordable for the South African Market.  Visit their website or go see them at Mama Magic in Cape Town at the CTICC 26 – 28 October 2018.

Pienkvoet Pret Port Elizabeth

They hold classes where you and your little one learn activities and discover all about stimulating your little one and helping to develop their growth and cognitive ability.
Available in English and Afrikaans, to learn more about what they do CLICK HERE.

Bike Parties PE – Muna Bikes

Hire a bike party? Bike Parties PE cater for Boys and Girls, balance bikes, pedal bikes, helmets all included.  Also, ramps and obstacles.  This is brilliant for the adventurous kid who loves bikes and wants to make sure all the guests have a go!  Also, the Muna bikes are super affordable, and durable.  Great quality bike and a great price.

Well Gnome Trading

This local stockist of some of our favourite brands, stocking all your Fancy Pants Cloth nappy needs as well as Noonoo Pie baby wraps and slings, Well Gnome had a lovely display with lots to choose from.  So if you’re in the PE area and need any of these brands, contact Well Gnome.

Biolink Attention Training PE

I was so interested in this stand, especially knowing moms that have children that have been diagnosed with ADHD.  I was curious to hear if this is a helpful tool for assisting children with ADHD, and I was right!  Biolink Attention Training is computer based learning for children from about 6 years old that teaches them various methods of focused learning.  What a great tool for a child have, especially children who struggle with ADHD too.  Go and visit their website for more information, I found their information very informative and have already passed it on!

Kids Count Extra Maths

If I think about all the millions of hours I spent in extra maths as a teenager just trying to pass in Matric, I almost got a nervous twitch walking past this stand.  I had a good laugh though, cause if I’d had something like this when I was young, I’d probably had a much easier time in high school.  Kids Count Extra Maths looks really great.

Kids count is like their website says: “Our specially designed characters all have their own rhymes, songs and functions in our workbooks and in lesson time. Their purpose is to help little learners grasp and apply mathematical concepts and in so doing, lay a strong foundation of maths which will aid children throughout their school careers. We offer age appropriate instruction and small groups where we can ensure individual attention and a fun learning experience.”

DKM Log Homes and Furniture

An expo newby, and a baby furniture newby too.  They CUSTOM make kids and baby furniture.  The words CUSTOM always make me happy.  They will quote you on EXACTLY what you want, in whatever wood you like in any finish.
Contact Louis Fourie via his email for more information.

Kids Connection Eastern Cape

A publication that is distributed through the schools, specifically for baby and kid related products.  This publication is specifically placed right into the hands of parents directly from their kids at school, so if you make a baby or kid related product, this publication is a great way to get your information into the hands of your buyers. Visit their website for more information.

My Mum Muslins

My friend Naomi and her beautiful muslins My Mum Muslins.
I have used her muslins for my little one when he was diagnosed with reflux due to his Morgagni Hernia, but didn’t need them after his surgery, so I use them around the house now.  So handy as a bib for baby, a burp cloth, a dummy tag, lappie and so much more!
She also had a breastfeeding room for moms that need to breastfeed their little ones in quiet.

Never forgetting the most important part of any exhibition, the coffee!  Thank you Urban Espress for making sure we had perfect coffee on hand to quench our thirsts!

First Choice

Got to be a favourite, we have one of their Kiosk Shops in Humansdorp and I promise you their products are amazing!  Their milki’s have ZERO COLOURANTS, and less sugar, so are ideal for the kids.  Not to mention all their other fabulous products!  Go visit their website and make yourself hungry.

A huge thank you to Linda from Harwood Promotions Event Management for putting on such a fabulous event,  I understand the amount of hours and effort that go into planning and executing something of this nature and want to say “well done” on a fabulous event.

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