Mommy Group goes Naartjie Picking.

As you know, I am part of a wonderful mommy group that meet once a week in Jeffreys Bay.  It is also currently school holidays in South Africa so we have a week with kids at home.  We always plan a fun outing during the holidays that ALL the kids can enjoy to give everyone a breath of fresh air in their week and to have some fun with the kids.
This time we went to a local Naartjie farm and picked Naartjies!

For the non South Africans here, a Naartjie (pronounced nart-chee) is similar to a tangerine, but a definitive citrus fruit on it’s own.

We drove into Hankey to a beautiful Naartjie farm, Mandaryn Boerdery, nestled in the hills.  It was established in 1898 and supplies export quality fruit to our South African Woolworths retailer.  With a large packing facility on-site, we could view the packing action through a window and see how they pack the fruit and load it.
Activities like this are not common, the only other activity similar to this one is strawberry picking,  it is very special to be allowed into an orchard to wander among the trees and pluck the fruit.  There is such a gorgeous, peaceful atmosphere in the orchard, and even with seven moms and 15 kids you didn’t notice the crowd or the noise, the orchard has it’s own sound, quiet, and the smell is intoxicating!
Sweet citrus smell all around you!
This is the first time this farm decided to do something like allowing people in to pick the fruit at a small fee, but we were more than happy to be the guinea pigs.  What a fabulous activity for the kids and a lifetime experience they will never forget.

*If you would like to contact the farm to arrange a visit, talk to Doreen Pieters via their contact details on their website, linked above.


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