Puppy School.

We finally “finished” puppy school! I say “finished” because technically we are very far from finished.
Chase is a live-wire.

He’s a border collie, he is über confident, he is very clever and was so very excited to be around other puppies that he forgets his manners altogether, every time.
I will admit that is actually very funny because you know what they say:

Owners are like their dogs! This explains everything.

We learned how to work WITH our dogs, in a calm, encouraging manner.  Using treats and reward for obedience.  A long list of things that each puppy was supposed to be able to perform at the end of four weeks with only ONE treat as a reward at the end.  Luckily Chase is motivated by treats, but equally by a chest rub, so it was easy to train him.  The list of accomplishments for each puppy (Border Collie, English Collie, Labrador and a Yorkie) included:

  • Sit
  • Eye focus
  • Paw
  • Lie Down
  • Stay
  • Walk on a lead
  • Recall
  • Drop
  • Fetch
  • Farm Outing (we need to re-do this one)
  • Beach Outing (we missed this one)
  • Handling Ears, Toes and mouth etc.

You would think that a puppy of 12 weeks old wouldn’t be able to do all these things with any sort of focus, but I tell you, motivated by a wonderful savoury treat, these little (not so little) dogs learned how to do it ALL!
We have some work to do with Chase, he likes to chase (hahaha) cars when out on the lead, he gets very excited with other dogs and “zones in” on them, so we are teaching him to focus elsewhere and relax into his outings.
I would HIGHLY recommend this kind of training for anyone who has a puppy, it helps us as owners learn how to train our dogs with kindness.  It teaches us to understand the animal and approach them with compassion and understanding, this way they learn and want to be obedient much faster.
Our local vet, Oribi Animal Hospital, has this course on offer for a small fee, or if you do all your dogs vaccinations with them the course is free of charge.  We will be joining in with the next class when they go on their outings to the farm and the beach so we can hopefully successfully complete those items with confidence.
In the mean-time, it’s daily time spent with Chase playing with the ball outside, taking him for walks and helping him to socialise properly with other people and dogs.


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