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Great Find : Twinkle Tots

I have been searching all the toy stores and book stores for some form of alphabet poster or cards for my son, but as we know, I’m fussy, super fussy!  I didn’t just want your generic type poster with fruit and veg and a zebra at the end, I found a Disney version Toys R Us but Disney isn’t our vibe, so I kept searching.
Then a fellow insta-mama posted about her purchase of AFRIKAANS alphabet cards from Twinkle Tots and I went immediately to have a look.
Well, what do you know!   Twinkle tots are EXACTLY what I was looking for!  South African themed alphabet cards, books, posters and much much more in English and Afrikaans!
I can’t wait for my order to arrive next week!  Here’s a glimpse!
Thank you Inamarie Kemp from Sew and Such for sharing this amazing product in your insta-stories!
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