Update on us.

I don’t know how many of you follow my insta-stories over at Kimvanveeblog on Instagram, but we’ve had a pretty interesting past two weeks.
We recently bought a lovely second hand vehicle, in great condition, from a local dealer and I was chuffed! I finally had my mommy van that I’d been searching for for over a year.  Then we heard a noise, four days later.  Long story short (I’m not into throwing people under the bus), it is being repaired, and I have a loan vehicle, which is great, but it’s über fancy and makes me nervous to drive, also it has a shockingly small amount of cup holders so my coffee, water and baby bottle are fighting for top spot in the two cup holders this fancy van boasts.  It also has the suspension of an ox-wagon, so my kids are loving the bouncy ride on our rural roads.  I am hoping to get my mommy-van back soon.
My youngest got mild pneumonia two weeks ago, which was a bit of a scare, to be honest, cause we’ve had our fair share of medical drama with him since he was born.  Luckily our local paed is on it, and we caught it early and treated it aggressively.  He was cleared with his latest blood test last week and our next step is a follow up consultation with his surgeon on Monday next week.

For those that don’t know, my youngest was born with a Morgagni Hernia.  It’s a congenital condition and of the tiny percentage of babies born with a hernia, only 2% of those babies have the Morgagni Hernia.  Lucky us!  He was diagnosed at 7 months old and had major surgery in January this year.  The joys of this condition mean we have to get an xray done every six months and visit his surgeon to make sure everything is still where it needs to be.

I have some weird kind of flu that makes you nauseous, I thought I was pregnant, and so i’m on anti-viral meds cause my system is quite sensitive and things progress quickly in my world in terms of illness, so we had to knock it quickly.  Good thing, I’m already starting to feel better and my stomach seems to be coping with the medication, so yay!
With all of this going on, means I’m a bit behind with the blog and the regular slots, all my pre-scheduled stuff is done and I’ll have to play catch up, so don’t mind me while I recover and put some new stuff together in the coming weeks.
Thanks for reading!

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