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Cape Town Part 2 : Town.

Having lived in Cape Town, pre children, for almost seven years I know it pretty well.  Our holiday was split into two phases, Town and Country.
Town is City Bowl, shopping, V & A Waterfront, drives around the point and Simon’s Town.
Country is Northern Suburbs, relax, wine farms, scenery and friends.
So lets start with phase 1, Town.

Play Date Superpark is INSIDE the Watershed, so it’s a no brainer if you love local brands and pop up shops AND need somewhere to entertain the kids.  The superpark is AMAZING!  I know, all you big city people are like, pfft, normal!   Well, I come from a small town and pickings are slim in terms of places to go WITH kids that are A: not filthy, B: are not in the middle of nowhere, and C: somewhere were you haven’t been a million times before.
My kids.  Went.  Nuts.
It’s enormous.  They serve barista coffee and treats for mom, dad and kids, there are child minders EVERYWHERE.  There are hand sanitisers EVERYWHERE.  Mom can sit and catch up on breathing while the kids run and go wild and climb, build, undo and jump as much as they like.  Also, I can see why this place is so successful, it’s location is smack in the middle of expensive accommodation, shopping and we met nannies with kids, moms with kids and kids that got dropped off for an hour while mom shops.  It’s a brilliant place, we went TWICE over the four days we stayed in the city.
Hubby build the great wall of China with Cal while I sat drinking a latte, watching Shaw learn how to climb onto a mini slide and slide down all on his own, it was pure bliss, and worth every penny!

Boulders Beach is MUST if you have younger kids.  You can park and pay at the kiosk and walk down onto the beach and picnic, swim (brrrr) and every now and then you see a penguin.  We packed up and walked along the walkway all the way to the other end of Boulders admiring the African penguins nesting in the bush, but due to tourist crowds we did not go on the main deck to view the penguins on the other beach, we just walked back to go find lunch at the Salty Sea Dog.

Green Point Urban Park, was a quick visit late on a Sunday evening and the park was PACKED with people.  It was as if you’d walked into a festival ground, people, kids, dogs, bikes and balls everywhere.  Birthday parties, kitchen tea’s, baby shower’s all happening alongside each other under the gazebo’s and across the vast lawns.
Picnics everywhere, parents and children playing, it was spectacular.  We stayed for about an hour and the boys played with hubby while I sat enjoying watching the action around me.
The last time I experienced a park of this nature was in London in the summer years ago, and I am truly excited to see that South Africa can pull it off so well too.

Zeitz Mocca, I wouldn’t recommend you go here with small kids, we went on the “African Citizens are free on Wednesday” for a quick look, and we were literally in and out in 10 minutes.  A little too much for my boys to handle and quite heavily politically influenced, we did not enjoy our short visit there.
The architecture, on the other hand, is AMAZING and definitely worth seeing.
Campany’s Garden is always a good idea.  Squirrels, gardens, outdoors.  It’s a lovely place, there is the Company Garden Restaurant for a pit stop and a coffee, and they have amazing nests for the kids to play in.  We were there super early in the morning to beat the court house traffic and get a good parking, but if you’re taking the MyCity it’s just a short walk from the station.

So that’s a nutshell round-up of our “town” adventures.  Sign in next week for the “Country” part of the trip.


16th Aug 2018 at 7:03 pm

That Green Point Eco Park is sheer bliss on weekdays. Yes, it becomes a tad busy over weekends.
I don’t like the political overtones at so many tourist sites, people don’t come here for that, eh? Thanks for the warning, I’ll give it a rain cheque. Please talk to Cape Town Tourism about it.

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