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Cape Town part 1 : Aquarium

I’m pretty sure by now EVERYONE has heard of the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town.  I was living in Cape Town at the time they built it and opened it, and I was one of those fanatics who had a year membership.  I used to go during lunch break and sit and stare at the kelp forest, zoning out with the mesmerizing movement of the kelp in the water.
Every time we go Cape Town we take a morning to visit the aquarium, the last time we went our oldest was just 7 months old, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t remember anything.  This time was fun cause he’s almost 4 and can identify with Nemo, Dory and Sharks.
We were blown away by the changes since we were there last and especially enjoyed the new I & J predator exhibit, and the revamped kids area was incredible (we made it just in time for the puppet show).  The jelly fish magical, but as it is with small kids, there attention span is short so we were running from one window to the next within about 20 seconds of each other, our visit felt like a speed walk.
We spent some time at the predator exhibit while the little one slept in his pram, which was really peaceful as we were the only ones there (we are early birds), so we enjoyed a cappuccino and watched the sharks and rays float by and my eldest could get a really good look at them.
I would say the pricing is reasonable for the amount of information and gorgeous exhibits, also the educational factor is out of this world!  I would say look out for the I love CT dude with his camera at the entrance,  he casually asks you to stand for a photo as a family and then when you walk out the exit he’s waiting there with photo prints and vouchers at a cool R250.00 for the pack!  We had taken a thousand photos inside already and just felt that it wasn’t really useful to be photo shopped onto a background of the aquarium, plus the vouchers are for visits within the next three months which only really applies if you live in the city or are visiting regularly, which we don’t.
There are “touch and feel” exhibits which are very informative, and the kids loved sticking their hands in and feeling the kelp and the star fish.  All that was running through my head was “hands! haaaaaaannnnnnds!!!” (from Finding Dory).
Two Oceans Aquarium is DEFINITELY one of our favourite places to visit and we will always go back again and again.




14th Aug 2018 at 7:02 am

The only thing truly two oceans in all of Cape Town. A highly recommended visit. One can also purchase much discounted seasonal tickets.

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