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Great Find: Trunki

If you followed my Insta-stories lately you would have seen that I won this amazing Trunki travel case last week!  I was over the moon, I’ve been eyeing their products for a while and took a chance and entered their recent “where am I” competition and won!
Here’s Frank the fire truck trunki that I chose for my almost four year old.
So I though it was only fitting to give them a Great Finds slot so I can show you all the rest of the wonderful products they make.

You can view their products on their website HERE or on their Instagram HERE.  They do backpacks, booster seats that have a backpack attachment for easy carrying, snuggle pillows with matching blankets, travel neck pillows for kids and more!
The little trunki case is made of durable plastic, has wheels, lockable clip locks on the sides and a strap for carrying or pulling.  Toddlers can ride on them and this makes travel fun!  They have great photos on their instagram of people who use their trunki cases while traveling and you can see the toddlers enjoying themselves.
My son is in love with his Frank the fire truck Trunki and has already packed all his toys in it and rolls it around the house, he even packed it in the car when we went to visit the grandparents in the neighboring city (45minute drive).
The Trunki case is made to adhere to the hand luggage sizes for most airlines, so makes for a “tantrum” free boarding process as toddlers are not separated from their precious stuff.
I love this product, and I think you will too.

*links above for the South African stores, there is an american store HERE .



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