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Get to know me: Wk 3

So we’ve covered the “nutshell” of my life, the BIG lessons and so onto some of the soppy stuff 😉
How did I meet my amazing hubby and how did he manage to convince this hardened “man hater” to soften up and try again?
I worked for a photographic studio in Humansdorp as a photographer/office manager and our printer went on the fritz.  I called our I.T. company to come and sort it out and they sent our regular dude, with a buddy, Morne (my now husband).
Hot-damn, I nearly fell over!
I asked his name and then didn’t see him again for 4 months.  I got really sick and was booked off for a while, and he started FaceBook messaging me and we struck up an online friendship while I was booked off sick.
We went on our fist real “date” to see Real Steel at our local cinema (in it’s short life here in Jeffreys Bay) and we had a coffee afterwards and I tell you we could not stop talking!  We were like long lost friends that finally found each other.  We would go on dinner dates and talk and talk till the restaurant was closing and they’d have to kick us out!

He won my heart by pursuing me relentlessly.  He made his intentions known right from the start and I didn’t give him an inch.  He kept taking me out, texting me, calling me, going for coffee until one day in early January 2012 I realised that I just couldn’t hold my heart so tight anymore and I gave up, I softened my heart and allowed him to court me.  It was extremely hard to trust on that level again after being through a divorce, and also having my heart stomped on a couple times after that.  I wasn’t going to get hurt again so I gave him a pretty hard time to get my attention, even though I was dying inside cause he is so gorgeous!
We had a very short courtship, and by March we were engaged (4 months after starting to date), we were married on 2 June 2012 in a small intimate wedding on a small farm outside Jeffreys Bay with family and a few friends present.  After my big expensive first wedding I didn’t want to repeat all that pomp and fuss and loose the intimacy that we had experienced in our relationship.  It was a great overcoming for us to commit to a marriage, and we both have rough stories in our past, so we wanted to keep the wedding small, intimate and special.
We had an amazing honeymoon in Cape Town (his home city) during one of it’s coldest winters to date.  Such special memories made and such a magical time where God came through on his promises to each of us to give us a perfect partner in life and love.
I really couldn’t ask for a more gentle, humble, solid man to walk beside through life and since our family has grown quite quickly, it has only cemented us closer together. I am blessed beyond measure with a man who loves God and loves his family so fully.


18th Jul 2018 at 10:24 am

Beautiful start to a beautiful story

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