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Great Find: Vichy Mineral 89

A few weeks ago I purchased a bottle of Vichy UV50, which is a great find on it’s own, but with it came a sample bottle of Mineral 89.  I was curious, as this would be my first “cosmetic product” I had ever tried other than regular old moisturiser.
I have very dry, dehydrated skin, and in winter I usually have to switch to a much richer moisturiser to keep my skin feeling soft and hydrated.  I started putting the Mineral 89 on in the mornings, as they recommended, and wow!  After a couple of days my skin felt silky soft to the touch all the time, and small lines had started to dissapear!  I literally couldn’t believe it.
I’m a newby when it comes to cosmetics and skin products, and have always been a little skeptical with regards to “how much difference” they can REALLY make, but this stuff has really made a difference to my skin.  I am slowly educating myself on the benefits of caring for my skin, not just my face, but my body too, and even though it’s taking some getting used to the added procedures to caring for myself, I can SEE the benefits.  Self care is becoming a big trend these days, and rightly so, for mothers who give of themselves all day long, it’s a good practice to get into to give something back to yourself that not only makes you feel good, but boosts your confidence by showing visible results.
This is definitely a product I want in my collection and the bonus is Vichy does not test any of their products or ingredients on animals.
What products to you use? Is there a go-to oil or serum you tried that worked well? Let me know in the comments below!
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