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Great Find: Great Insta-inspiration

On today’s Great Find I’m going to share with you a few Instagram accounts that I follow and love, local and international.
First up is Kate Bryan from the Small Things Blog. 
I have been following Kate for YEARS, she’s really down-to-earth, american mom of three and she does some awesome hair and make-up tutorials.  Her insta-stories are really relateable and her product reviews are honest.  Give her a follow for some regular, day-to-day make-up and life with kids.
small things blog
Next up is another international Influencer, Andreea Ali make-up artist.
Bold and honest, she lives in Paris and travels doing make-up for celebreties and actresses, also she has a super informative YouTube channel with all her make-up tutorials.  She’s entertaining and her style is chic and feminine.  Follow this lady for wardrobe inspiration like never before, and make-up that will challenge you!
aliandreea makeup
Then we have local account, Mascara and Mimosas.
Gorgeous mom and amazing make-up tutorials and reviews, also she’s the founder of Mama Meetup SA.  Super down-to-earth and I love watching people I can relate to on some level.
mascara and mimosas insta
Last but not least, All Dolled Up.
A blog by best friends Camilla and Jules, they cover everything make-up, skincare, nails, you name it!  They are brutally honest about products and reviews, their make-up tutorials on insta-stories are perfect for all types of make-up users, I’ve picked up so many tips from these two ladies.  They have gorgeous layouts and a fabulous blog you can follow too.
all dolled up
So go and give these accounts a look and follow if you like them, I have gained so much inspiration from them over the years and enjoy the insta-stories immensely.

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