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Get to know me: Week 1

Hi!  My name is Kim and I’m a mom, wife, photographer, blogger, business owner.  I love Autumn, knitwear and anything grey (much to my husband’s horror).

If you saw my insta-stories today you would have seen the following fast facts:

  1. I just recently turned 39 (glory days 40 is close!)
  2. This is my second marriage. (First was 7 years, married at 19, ended badly).
  3. I grew up in Port Elizabeth. 
  4. I’ve been living in Jeffreys Bay for 12 years (how have I managed to stay sane in a small town?!?!)
  5. I lived in Cape Town during my first marriage in my twenties, it was wonderful and I still LOVE the mother city.
  6. I have had 3 babies and 1 miscarriage.  Our first baby, Asher, died 9 days after a complicated birth.
  7. My two kids are almost 4 and 16 months, both boys.  (Jesus take the wheel!)

So Wednesday’s I’ll be sharing more about my life and some of the BIG lessons I’ve learned along the way, how I met my amazing hubby (who managed to win my heart after much heart-break) and my journey into motherhood and managing Post Natal Depression and now full blown depression with two kids, a cat a dog and a local small business!
So join me on my journey over the next few weeks as I let you into my life and my world, hopefully something I’ve learned along the way will encourage and uplift you too.


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