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Great Find: Kadus Satin On

If you have thick curly hair like me you will understand how frustrating it can be to work with.  Especially if you’re a little “product challenged” and slightly daunted by the thought of taming all. those. curls.
Today’s Great Find is Kadus Satin On, and let me tell you, it has changed my life!
I bought it at my local hair salon when I went to get my colour done recently, and have fallen in love with it.  No more frizz and fly-away hair, curls are tamed and slightly more defined, straightened hair is sleek and stays that way for days.  Also, it makes my hair feel silky soft, I constantly want to run my hands through my hair.
So here’s my before and afters for you to see what happens to my fabulous bushy locks with a little taming, which only took 30 minutes.  I wash my hair (using L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil shampoo and conditioner for dry hair).  Leave it to air dry.  Don’t run a comb through, nothing.  Just leave it to dry and voila, locks of curls.
Once it’s thoroughly dry, I head for the straightener.   I use a leave in protection spray that has a gentle hold, section the hair into four and start to straighten. (please ignore the horrid dark circles under my eyes – eeep).

Then I take two pumps of Satin On, and rake it through my hair, including the top to disperse it right the way through.

Can you see the difference?! Can you see how sleek and tamed it becomes?  I’m no professional with the straightener, but this is THE straightest and sleekest my hair has EVER been with me doing it at home and I use a GHD!

I would HIGHLY reccommend this product for anyone with thick hair, curls or a tendancy towards dry hair.  Just a tiny little bit when you style and your locks will look groomed and beautiful, every time!

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