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How to keep your house tidy, follow up.

Remember my previous post about how to keep your house tidy with small kids?  Well I’ve had some conversations with some moms and thought I’d do a follow up.
A lot of moms are saying “how do you do all that?!” or “I don’t know how you do it all??”
I don’t.
Or at least I don’t expect myself to.  I start my day pretty early, and not on purpose I might add, but once the kids are up it’s pretty much over for the lying quietly in bed and snoozing the alarm.
I do things in small, manageable chunks that I know I can handle.  You need to figure out what works for you, your home and your life.  If you work better with one big pile of laundry and washing it all at once then GREAT!  That would kill me, so I don’t.  I also don’t always get EVERYTHING done to the degree I would like it to be done, so I’ve learned to “discover what I can deal with”.  What are your non-negotiable everyday tidy zones that you can’t live without?  Mine are, 

  • A made up bed/beds in the house (because they cover a large surface area our mind is tricked into seeing a “mostly tidy” room and this is calming enough).
  • A clean lounge carpet and kitchen floor. (Once a day I sweep or vacuum all the biscuit crumbs, bread crumbs, dried rice, sand and bits of grass up, this means I can walk without “crunch crunch” under my feet all day).
  • A tidy sink.  Not necessarily all the dishes done, but stacked neatly and tidy in the kitchen with clear counters makes enough difference for me to be able to commence with my day.

The rest I get to when I get to.

It’s important as a mom, especially with small kids, to remember that just because you don’t get to it now, doesn’t mean you can’t get to it later.  Cut yourself some slack and as long as the important things are done and your home is hygienic, the mess doesn’t really matter.  I’ve discovered the wonder of a spray bathroom cleaner that can do ALL the work in the bathroom instead of a bucket with handy andy and a scrubbing brush.  Spray on the surfaces, leave for a minute and wipe off.  Clean.
Find what works for you, my routine works for me cause I’m like a little squirrel marching around in the morning sorting a million things at once and I thrive on that, if you’re more of a lazy cat and like to do one thing at a time, then do it that way, but make it work for you and keeping your home tidy and hygienic.
I also HIGHLY recommend investing in a dishwasher, this will change your life in terms of dishes and keeping your surfaces clear.  Just stack all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and give them a rinse if it’s not completely full, then the next day fill it up and voila! Clean!
So remember my way isn’t the only way, these are just things I’ve found that have helped me keep my tidying quick and easy, and little things go a long way in keeping your home hygienic and tidy.

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