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Can we talk about depression for a minute.

There have been a few high profile depression related deaths in the past week that have made me, once again, feel the need to speak out on this subject.
I was at my doctor this morning for a follow up on my depression, my progress mentally and to get a new script for my much needed medication.
I am not ashamed to say I have depression, but then I have walked a long road with it over the past four years.  Starting with Post Natal Depression after each of my babies and now with full blown depression and on a long term medication for the past six months.  My journey is far from over, and this will probably be a reality for me for many years to come, but I’ve finally learned to not let it overtake me.  I talk about it with my husband, with my close friends, with people I trust, my Doctor and also, from time to time, on my blog.  This helps de-mystify it and keep it in it’s place, under my feet, right where it’s meant to be.  I have taken steps to alter certain things in my life and how I live to ensure that it doesn’t get the better of me.
With that said, I know how hard it can be when you’re deep in it to reach out, so I’m looking for you, I’m keeping my eye on the surface of the water for signs of trouble in other people, so when they can’t reach out, I can jump in.  It’s a two way street, like anything in life, because I know what it’s like, I also know what to look for in others, I’m trying to live an open, accessible life for others to be able to reach out to me.  Not because I have the answers, but because with someone by your side you’re not alone and the thoughts and negative fog cannot overtake you.  I have an amazing group of friends who have walked WITH me through this journey, and who celebrate WITH me when I have a win, and this is key to my survival.  Connect, force yourself.  It goes against everything you feel and are comfortable with, but just do it, join a mommy group, join a bird watching group, join a Pilates group, make friends, see people, be open and honest.  If they judge you and throw shade on you, then leave, find new people who will support and love and accept you for you, we cannot carry the negativity of others around with us making it stop us from living our best life.

Depression is a reality for millions of people around the world but it can be managed and brought under control, you are able to live a full life and still be part of society.

For those of you who don’t know how to behave around someone with Bi-Polar disorder or post natal depression, go online, do some research, pray for empathy.  Be available and consistent with your contact with these people, be caring and loving and including, even when they are constantly negative and “annoying” keep at it, it’ll crack eventually and you will see the gold in there if you just persevere.
Too many times I’ve seen people “give up” on others because they don’t know how to handle their negative behavior, or they don’t know how to include someone who is “down in the dumps” all the time.

Get over yourself, be kind, imagine what it would be like, put yourself in their shoes for a minute, this can help you understand the magnitude of what they face mentally and assist you in finding a way to include them into your life, cause without people, the loneliness will overwhelm them, without authentic relationships and friendships, they will regress and fall into the void of nothing and dissapear forever.  

There are a few things in life I’m quite passionate about, and this is DEFINITELY one of them, depression steals too many people because of a lack of understanding from others, so lets all work together to be more accepting human beings and love and be empathetic towards one-another.

Doctors Visits Depression kimvanveeblog
Doctors Visits Depression kimvanveeblog



11th Jun 2018 at 6:00 pm

Absolutely LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing openly!!

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