Close to my heart.

I live in a small town with approximately 30 000 people living in it. Eighty percent of those people rely on state medical care or local clinics for their medical needs.
One such clinic in our area is the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic. They specialise in caring for and educating the pregnant and new mothers in our underprivileged community. They have a beautiful clinic with consulting rooms, a sonar machine where the midwives examine expecting moms and they see thousands upon thousands of new born babies and moms each year.
I have been through their pre and anti natal workshops with each pregnancy and baby, every friend I have here has either birthed with the help of their midwives or had their babies monthly check ups done there, consulted them on breastfeeding help and having their kids vaccinations administered.
They rely ENTIRELY on donations to run the clinic, pay salaries and keep their mobile clinic on the road. With staff and volunteers numbering eleven, that’s quite a bit of funds needed to keep it operating each month.
I have included links to their GOFUNDME page as well as their HMBC website if you would like to consider making a financial contribution to this priceless organisation.
They have helped me on countless occasions, I can only imagine the difference they make to thise in the community who have no where else to turn.


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