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Caffeine please.

If you’re a W.A.H.M put your hands up.
How crazy does it get when you have to work and weren’t expecting to have sick kids at home? I’ve had a few days last week and surprise day today, and it has worn me out. I had so much planned for today because my cleaner comes and that means I get nap-time to work, no interruptions. So change of plan when the threenager wakes up coughing again and we have to whip out the nebulizer again (best buy by the way), also, it’s finally winter here and the wind is howling and icy so it’s an indoor day too.
We had a sneaky hour outside all bundled up in our winter warmers just to let them have some fresh air and enjoy the sun before the wind came up too much, but otherwise it’s been a day of puzzles, play-dough and watching Super Truck Car City on YouTube.
I got a small portion of work done, and did some tidying in the kids play area, so the day wasn’t a total write-off, but send caffeine please, my three cups haven’t helped yet.
What do you do with your kids when they’re home sick and the weather’s nasty? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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