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BB what?!

I am not, shall we say, well versed in the art of make-up. I only started wearing late in my teens and then it was just mascara and a little lip balm. In my twenties, working in a Cape Town I got a bit more into it, but then I moved to a small seaside town and the need for make-up and a “corporate look” died a slow death in the laid back lifestyle of beach living.
Then babies came along, and the make-up and skin-care routine really died a horrible death and gave way to dark circles, tired lines and the mom-bun.
Fast forward to 2018, my 39th birthday, and a realisation that life continues after babies and momma needs to look after herself. My friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said make-up! I was gifted with some cash to spoil myself and I have gone a bit nuts and bought a bunch of products for myself, one of those being BB cream. I have heard of it before, but to be honest didn’t really know what I was doing. I popped into my local Clicks and asked the sales assistant a bunch of questions like “what is BB cream?” and “how do you apply it?” and “how do I pick my colour?”
You know, noob questions that made this 39 year old feel like a weirdo.
Basically here’s what it is. BB cream is a “beauty balm” it’s a tinted type of moisturiser/SPF/skin nourishing cream. I got the Garnier SkinActive Anti-Age BB cream in Light. You test the colour on the inside of your arm to see if it “blends in” and voila, ready to go. Apply like moisturiser, you can just wear the BB cream or add foundations and concealer on top, but I wanted to see what just the BB cream would do, and it gives enough coverage and brightening to the skin for me to wear every day without feeling like i’m wearing heavy make-up, perfect for the in-between days. Plus it nourishes the skin and gives it a lovely lift.
I would highly recommend this product for a beginner make-up wearer or if you don’t like wearing make-up or someone on a budget as it was 30% off at R98.00 at Clicks currently, is easy to use and makes the skin look great.
Here are my before and after pics. I purposefully didn’t apply a filter to these pics so you can see what it REALLY looks like.

And here’s with a complete look of just mascara, eye liner and good lighting, no lipstick yet and in my messy kitchen lol! I think it’s a keeper.

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