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Easy Bacon and Egg Quiche (pie).

We all need those “go-to” recipe’s that are fail-proof and you can whip up quickly when you need something in a hurry. This recipe is easy(yay), quick (double yay) and delicious (bonus yay!). I make it for when I’m having lots of people round for a birthday tea or a special occasion, not just because it’s easy, but because it goes far and you can make it the day before!
You will need:
1 x roll of frozen puff pastry
5 Eggs (I only use free-range as they taste better)
2 cups of Milk
1 Cup grated cheddar cheese (buy a whole block and grate at home, pre-grated cheese can loose a lot of moisture and not taste as good)
Salt and Black pepper
1 Onion – cut into fine cubes
1 Pack of bacon of your choice – cut into small bits (I don’t use bacon bits and the “bits” can be a bit too chunky)
Thaw your pastry completely (not in the microwave)
Pre-heat the oven to 180C
Fry the onion and bacon together till cooked and slightly browned, allow to cool.
In a bowl mix together milk, egg, cheese and pepper
Add the bacon and onion to the egg mixture and stir
Add salt to taste (I usually skip this, cause, bacon)
Unroll your pastry and form it into a large pie plate or quiche dish
Add your egg mix into the pastry, bake in the oven till browned on top and egg cooked firm.
You can cool it and store it in the fridge overnight and just warm it up in the oven the next day or eat it cold, whichever you prefer.

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