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A few weeks ago I posted some updates on my Instagram about the bedside tables that I was re-painting.  I also managed to re-paint the bed frame and headboard in the same week, so my bedroom got a lovely fresh update in as little as five days!
Now I’d like to just say right off the bat that I am not a furniture renovator, nor am I a decor expert, this is demonstrated by lack of patience and use of less-than-perfect materials (I used left over wall paint to paint the furniture – no judging please).  I did however use a proper mat varnish for painted wood, so that will hold everything together.
I sanded the furniture down, to get rid of grease and dirt and create a bit of a rough layer for the paint to grip to.  Applied two coats of white paint, using a medium brush and working slowly (not my strong point) I painted neatly.  Ideally you want to use a little sponge roller as it gives a smoother finish, also use PVA (my dad swears by it for funiture) not wall-and-all like me (facepalm, but I was on a budget, a “don’t spend money” budget).  I then applied the varnish/sealer liberally and allowed a few hours to dry outdoors before bringing it all in.
I found the most gorgeous ceramic knobs for the bedside tables, and hubby installed them for me, so I don’t think they’ll ever fall off.  Here are some before and after shots, my room feels fresh, updated and ready for that new bedding I’ve been wishing for for months.


Ceramic drawer knobs were from a local shop called Michelle K, R40/each.
Canvas print of our wedding photo is by Impact Studios (they also did the photography).
Comforter is Mr Price Home.
Before and After photos by me.



5th Jun 2018 at 10:10 pm

They look so cool, I love the knobs that you used!

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