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We turned the corner with potty training!

I want to cry.  Just sit on a chair and cry the happiest tears of my life.  My three and a half year old FINALLY decided he doesn’t want nappies anymore.
Does this resonate with anyone?  Cause I thought the day would never come!
I’ve been trying since January to get him to realise that the underwear is not a nappy, and it’s been a long, frustrating journey or mishap after mishap after stopping and starting, repeating myself, crying, shouting, research and more tears, and he just got up one morning last week and said “no nappy mommy”!
Say what?!?!?!
Allow me to clarify a little.  I was “planning” to potty train him in the months before his brother arrived last year, but we ended up having to move house in those months and pregnancy became very heavy and the thought of running after him for the toilet just made me exhausted, so I left it.  Then I thought it would be a good time to potty train him for the last term of last year to ready him for his new class that needs them potty trained, my youngest was diagnosed with his Morgagni Hernia and we had a roller-coaster ride of hospital visits, illness, mental illness (me) and more hospital visits with a very serious operation to start our 2018 with.
So potty training took a back seat.
He knows how to use the toilet, he’s not afraid of the toilet, if I took him to the toilet he’d quite happily do his business there, but dare I take the nappy off and he will just carry on as if he’s wearing a nappy and mess everywhere.
The frustration has been endless.
So i’m not sure what motivated him, peer pressure at school, mental leap, who knows!  I tried the “every 20min” thing, the “two day stay home” thing  I even tried bribery, that worked for about a week and then he said he didn’t need chocolates anymore.  My son seems to be truly self-motivated and this has been a long, tiring journey that has finally come to an end.  Sure, he has an accident here and there, but he’s 98% on his own and in his undies during the day.  We still pop a nappy on at night, we’ll deal with night wees when he’s established his daytime routine more.
So my stress levels are much lower now and my life feels like it can move forward.
It’s amazing how much emotional and mental energy we invest in our children’s progression and development!
I’d love to hear some of your stories, post them in the comments below!

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