A little slice of heaven.

After living in a big city growing up and in Cape Town in my twenties, living in a small South African town has it’s moments, when those moments hit we escape into “the valley” to a place called Padlangs and relax with our kids over some amazing food and slow relaxed atmosphere.
Padlangs is in Patensie, a small farming town about 30 minutes from were we live. It’s a hub of citrus farms in our area and has the most beautiful meandering road running through it. The farm stall/restaurant is set on a large manicured lawn with lots of space for the kids to run and play, jungle gyms for them to play on and a splash pad to cool off with as the valley gets sweltering hot in summer!

This place has the most incredible food, good, wholesome, stick to your ribs food. Whenever we eat there I am ALWAYS satisfied, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and we literally spend three hours over lunch and just relax with the kids, a drink and awesome food.

We headed out there this Sunday to try out their new bread box. It. Is. Delicious! Yummy artisan breads, rooster brood with spreads, cheese, biltong and pickles. I nearly died! We sat causally on the lawn and nibbled on our breads while the kids played in the splash pad, it was beautiful weather and we could’ve stayed forever.
I would suggest making a booking as the place is pretty full, packed to capacity on Sunday’s and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed, please don’t expect fast food, it’s not that kind of place, it’s about relaxing, having conversation and enjoying the view across the valley. We love it, our kids love it, and a breath of fresh air on a stuffy weekend.

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