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Chicken Biryani recipe.

This recipe is from the Pick n Pay Fresh Living magazine earlier this year, the edition with the feature on eggs.  It was so delicious!  My hubby is usually the one who makes curries on the weekend but I was dying to try this one as my mom had already tested it out and said it was super easy (I’m the easy cook).  I also am in love with anything that has rice as a main ingredient so this was heaven for my taste buds.  There are a few things i’d change for the next one, definately will use fresh garlic, will take out a little curry powder (I’m not a hot fan), and this time i’ll remember to take the side veg out to eat with the meal, hahaha, I forgot it all one side I was so excited about my yummy Biryani!
My hubby was cautiously optimistic, checking on me every five minutes, making sure I’d followed the instructions correctly.  He was really nervous to leave this novice curry chef alone in the kitchen.  He was suitably impressed with the end result, so it’s a definite repeat recipe for our home, also this just shows you how easy it really is to make, and the recipe is uncomplicated and easy to follow.
I cannot seem to find a link to the actual recipe on their website so I’ll have to do it justice here.
One pot wonder!You will need: 

1 packet 5 piece chicken braai pack

3 Tbsp vegetable oil

1 clove garlic, crushed (I used pre crushed from a woolies four box)

2 onions, sliced

2 Tbs curry powder (I used the woolworths mild curry)

2 Tbsp cumin seeds (I used ground cumin as I had no seeds available)

1 1/2 cups rice

3 cups (750ml) chicken stock (I use Ina Paarmans)

Salt and milled black pepper

2 Tbsp fresh coriander, chopped

1/2 cup frozen peas, defrosted

2 soft boiled eggs (i didn’t do the eggs, I’m not a big egg person)


Sear chicken in a large frying pan with 1 Tbsp oil until golden brown.

Add garlic and 1/2 the onion and saute until soft.

Add curry powder and cumin seeds and fry until fragrant.

Stir in rice and saute for 5 minutes, ensuring rice is completely coated in spices and oil.

Add stock and cover.

Simmer until all the liquid is absorbed and rice is cooked, about 20 minutes.  Season.

Stir through coriander and peas.

Fry remaining onion in vegetable oil at medium to low heat until golden brown and crispy.

Drain on paper towel.

Serve biryani topped with crispy onion, soft boiled egg and extra coriander.

Chicken Biryani Plated
Chicken Biryani

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