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Why "The Beauty Challenge" helped me.

I’m a mom, with two boys aged 3 and 1. I am a stay at home mom with no nanny. So that means I run the house, I do the laundry, I wash the dishes and clean the toilets, shop for groceries, fetch the older one from school, handle all the extra mural appointments and activities, make dinner, and hopefully by the end of the day still have enough sanity left to have a conversation with my husband before passing out at 20h30.
Enter the Beauty Challenge.
My friend is a mom of three (newest one was 10 weeks prem and has just been introduced to the world), she works full time and has a hair and make up business after hours for special occasions and weddings. She recently posted a challenge on her social media to “post your look” as a mom, wife, to show us what you do to your hair and make up during the week (or don’t) and I decided to join in.
I take an extra five minutes in my morning, or just before going out, to add an extra touch to my make up, still haven’t been able to get to the hair yet – it’s thick and curly so my go to is to just leave it to curl and look natural which is fine for now. My make up is usually simple, eyebrow pencil and mascara, but since the challenge I’ve been taking extra time to try a bit more and add some extra steps to my routine. The thing that I’ve noticed is that my self confidence has lifted slightly and my self worth has deepened as I’m spending time on “me” and focusing on “myself” for an extra five minutes a day. The challenge was never meant to be intimidating, it was meant to say “start with what you normally do, add just one extra step, one time try a lipstick or different colour eye shadow, do a little extra and share with us on social media to see what you do”.
It has been encouraging for me to see how other women “do themselves up” for the day, whatever day that might be and glean some tips and tricks along the way, also it helps me to focus on having a little “me” time and feeling a little more confident within myself as a busy mom. My husband has noticed a difference in me and the increase in self worth in myself is filtering through to our marriage and our intimate life, so it’s a bonus on all levels!
Here are my few from the last couple days, I don’t do a lot of make up, but i’m learning so much from my friend and hopefully this will be the start of a new look for me as a mom, time to redefine myself before my 40th (in two years).

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