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Potty training 304

I say potty training 304 because that’s many tries it takes for the three year old to realise that when he needs to wee he needs to do it in the toilet and not in his pants, on my sofa, in my bed or in the car seat.  I’ve read a ton of other posts online about potty training in “three days” and potty training with “bribes” and the like, well let me tell you, not one of them have worked for us.
Not one.
Let me just say this, our three year old is quite proficient in getting himself onto the toilet and weeing in the toilet on his own, but try and “make” him go?  Hahahahahahaha!  It’s like trying to negotiate with Castro.  Here’s a little run down:

Me: Cal do you need the toilet?
Cal: Mmmmm no!
Me: Cal, lets go make a wee on the toilet.
Cal: No, I don’t need to wee.
Me: Cal we’re going to go sit on the toilet!
Cal: No, I don’t want a sweetie! (we have a jar of small chocolates for when he sits on the toilet)
Me: Cal! We are GOING to sit on the toilet!
Cal: No, don’t come with me!  Don’t come with me, I can do it!
*Slowly follow Cal into the bathroom to spy*
Cal: The wee’s all gone!
Me: okay off the toilet lets put your pants on.
Cal: I want a sweetie.
Me: *sighs in exasperation*

Is it just me?!  Am I the only mother who finds this whole exercise super frustrating?  Not to mention the poop underwear.  Can we talk about the poop underwear for a minute?  Today, we ventured out for lunch after school (no nappy), so tense mamma bear here keeps asking him if he needs to wee, watching him like a hawk.  We make it all the way home, he sits on the toilet, nothing.  I start feeding my one year old in his feeding chair, Cal is playing on one side then I see his pants are wet. *sigh* right, get dry pants, pull his pants off and he’s ALSO pooped in his pants! At this point the one year old is wailing for his next spoonful of food, my three year old is standing patiently waiting to get his bum cleaned.   So whilst pulling wet wipes out the packet with one hand, plopping a spoonful of pureed butternut into the one year old’s mouth, wiping the three year old’s bum, placing poop pants on the kitchen counter, feeding the one year old a spoonful of butternut, putting clean pants on the three year old, fetching a packet for the poop and a bucket for the soiled pants, placing another spoonful of butternut in the one year old’s mouth, and putting the soiled pants in to soak.
Right.  Everyone happy now?
Do you have any tips? Hillarious stories? Please share them with me in the comments!

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