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A week of school lunches.

The bane of any mom’s existence, the school lunch.  How do you keep them nourished and still interested in their school lunch, especially a toddler?  The trick seems to be to give them small amounts of their favourites.  I’ve seen some fabulous ideas online but reality means that it isn’t always possible to keep it fancy, I try and keep it practical and budget friendly as much as possible.
My son is a HUGE fan of the peanut butter sambo, so that’s a standard, on white or brown, it doesn’t matter, he loves it.  I buy a big bag of Woolworths lightly dusted fruit dainties to keep the sugar down (the other brands are loaded with sugar).  I’ve recently discovered that mini pretzels are a great idea.  I try and add a special treat on a Friday, just as something special to end the week, but Monday to Thursday is pretty same-same as I keeps the treats for home rather.  Smoked viennas from Woolworths (less salt and weird ingredients than the other brands) or a small tub of flavoured yoghurt are also good.  Snap peas, baby corn and anything from the Oh My Goodness range at Checkers are all great options as they are healthier than the other branded alternatives.
Every day I send about 400ml of 100% juice with a splash of water added to dilute the sweetness and he’ll have a milki (First Choice or Woolworths) in the car on the way home, it’s a little home-time treat as we often do groceries or run errands after school.
I try and pick the lower sugar options, for instance a chocolate milk generally has less sugar than any other flavour, but then you can’t always win so I en devour to pick the lesser of the evils when he wants a treat.
In the end I think the school lunch shouldn’t be too far from what they would have if they were at home, because it’s familiar, they can identify with it and it’s more likely to be eaten, also, it’s easier to pack a lunch that you already have in your cupboards instead of trying to re-invent the wheel every day.

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